50 College Dorm Party Ideas (Dont Throw A Dorm Party Before Reading This)

College Dorm Party Ideas: college parties should be fun and entertaining. If you consider organizing one there is no need to be on a haste. 

Keep calm and take it slowly; look for ideas that will make the dorm party fun. If you don’t know where to start listed below are the 50 College Dorm Party Ideas (Dont Throw A Dorm Party Before Reading This);

To help you make life easier, I’ve carefully put together the following list of good college-themed themes, ranging from the simple to the challenging and everything in between. Of course, there are some ‘fit’ suggestions as well as things for everyone.

50 College Dorm Party Ideas

Even if you’ve completed your degree, you ought to consider stealing these ideas for a college party the next time you host your friends to your home.

We’ve got something for you as well!

It isn’t a good idea to throw an event where guests are unable to stay for long due to bored. This is the reason you should consider using one of these college-themed themes for your party to keep everyone entertained.

1. Spy Next Door: Start by asking your invited friends to appear in all black

2. Seven Deadly Sins — Tell everyone to get imaginative by dressing up as one of the seven deadly sins.

3.Masquerade — Tell everyone to come with a nose mask so as to keep identities a secret.

4. The No-Cloth Idea — Inform invited friends to wear everything else except from clothes

5. Toga — Make sure everyone is wearing a bed sheet and sandals.

6. Aliens and Astronauts — Am sure you might have a fore knowledge on how aliens and astronauts do dress don’t you?

7. John Hughs — Make sure everyone dresses up as a character from The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or another one of John Hughs’ big hits.

8. Slumber Party — This can be likened to a pyjamas parties. Just tell them to come wearing their favourites.

10. High School Stereotypes — You know the stereotype in your high school. Just tell your invited friends to each dress as one of them.

11. Snow Pants Or No Pants — Your guests can choose between wearing snow pants or their underwear (or they could explore a loophole and wear a skirt instead).

12. Show Me Your Money — Tell your invited friends to come rocking their best and most expensive wearables.

13. Decades — Have everyone dress up like they are from the 50s or 60s or 80s.

14. You Are What You Eat — Inform your guests to bring their favourite food and dress also like them.

15. Drop it Like F. Scott — Have a night where you dress up like Gatsby characters.

16. Dynamic Duos — Tell your friends to come in pairs and with matching outfits too!

17. Anything But Human — Ask everyone to dress up like their favorite animal or mythological creature.

18. Get Nauti — Tell your friends to dress like sailors and do as if you own a cruiser.

19. March Madness — inform your friends to rock their best jerseys.

20. Cool In Middle School — Make everyone wear the old trends that were popular back when they were in middle school.

21. Rome In The Foam — Combine a toga party with a foam party.

22. Fiesta — Host a kind of Mexican bowl where everything is done the Mexican way.

23. Derby Days — Have everyone wear the biggest, most ridiculous hat they can find.

24. Meme — Just tell your guests to pop up to the meeting rocking their favourite of all memes.

25. Spring Break — Make your guests wear bathing suits even if it’s winter.

26. Red Carpet — Inform your guests to dress like their adored celebrity.

27. What Happens In Vegas — Play poker and get drunk all night long.

28. Buds With Buds — Serve only budwiser to your friends and invitees.

29. Glow What You Know — Turn off the lights and pass around glow sticks for everyone to wear.

30. When I Grow Up — Tell your guests to dress up like a professional in a field which they wish to study.

31. Duck Calls And Overalls — Ask your guests to dress up like they are about to go duck hunting.

32. Rock ‘N Roll — Everyone has a favourite music star so tell your guests to appear like them.

33. Shipwrecked — Make sure all of your guests show up wearing Hawaiian shirts.

34. Boston Tea Party — Tell your friends to dress like their ancestors.

35.  Athletes And Mathletes — Either have your guests dress up as jocks or as nerds.

36. Rumble In The Jungle –Inform your invited guests to show up like jungle animals 

37. American Horror Story — Tell everyone to dress up as a character from their favorite season.

38. Fright Night — Tell your friends to dress like their worse fears.

39. Let Freedom Ring — Make sure your guests show up wearing either red, white, or blue.

40. Seeing Red — Tell your friends to dress up in all red (and serve them red food and drinks as well).

41. Disney Through The Ages — Invite everyone to dress up as their favorite Disney character.

42. Under The Sea — We would bet that everyone has their favourite “Under the Sea Character”. Serve seafood and have your guests dress up as mermaids and sharks and other undersea critters.

43. Graffiti Party — This should be like an ” all white party” where they can write on each other using markers.

44. Jail Break  — Inform your guest to show up dressed as a criminal.

45. CEOs And Office Hoes — Ask guests to wear an outfit that they would show up to work in (except with a little extra leg and cleavage).

46. Cowboys And Cowgirls — Tell Everyone to show up with their favourite Cowboys and Cowgirls costume.

47. Construction Night — Ask everyone to wear cutoff t-shirts and hardhats.

48. Ugly Sweater — Ask your guests to appear in the a horrible sweater

49. Tight And Bright — Guests can only show up wearing something super bright and skintight.

50. Blacklight — Here, swap out your normal lightbulbs for black lights and then draw on your guest’s wearables with highlighters.


College dorm part can be intimidating to organize especially when you are not sure of where to start. Hence in this case, you’ll definitely be in need of ideas if you’re to pull off a great stunt of a party.

This post highlights the 50 college dorm party ideas that you should know before organizing one.

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