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Vastlearners is an Educational website, It gives reliable information about Education and helps Students to know about the latest Scholarships.



To be a leading education information website on colleges and programs, fellowships, opportunities, grants and scholarships for domestic and International Students.

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  • To be a promoter colleges and university programs, scholarship, opportunities, study guides and financial aids needed by any student and the general public.
  • To provide students and the general public with information they need on available scholarships, study guides and opportunities.
  • To serve as a source of information on college programs, school and scholarship finder, opportunities, study guides, academic activities.

Our Cardinal Principles

  • Publishing
  • Keep Informed

Our Target Audience

  • Students (undergraduates and post graduates (Master & PhD).
  • General public
  • International institutions and countries for a degree Study 

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  • Colleges and Universities: Find the right college and university through our large data-base of schools (colleges and universities)
  • Degree Programs and Online Courses: Find suitable degree programs and online courses leading to professional certificates, degree certificates.
  • Scholarships: Funded scholarships for students who want to pursue undergraduate, Master, Doctorate degree level programs. Students will explore wide range of college scholarship opportunities,
  • Opportunities: Find awards, contest, competitions 
  • Study Abroad and Guides: Access to information about schools- colleges and universities, programs offered.
  • Colleges Articles: (Guides, Student Life, Advice).

NOTE: Let’s help you get the opportunities you desire, …”Every Preparation combined with Opportunities Yield Success”

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  • Parades a galaxy of brilliant and perceptive columnists daily
  • Compact layout and colorful pages.
  • A unique style of reporting and writing: elevated language and concise.
  • Detailed analysis, and clarity of thought.