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Housekeeping jobs are jobs for employees who keep the comfort and cleanliness of the private homes of their employers or commercial facilities such as hospitals and hotels.

Housekeepers might also be needed to change bedding and do laundry, keep an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, and clean bathrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and communal spaces.

Housekeeping Jobs AVAILABLE

Cleaning the house (workers)

Cleanliness is their job, and they should warn the homeowners of any dangers to their safety. They must do tasks like vacuuming, sweeping and emptying trash cans, cleaning windows, dusting bookshelves, and mopping the floor. Perform some light washing dishes, ironing laundry, and changing linens also.

Executive Housekeeper

The hotel’s housekeeping director is responsible for the division and ensuring that guests are provided with a clean and secure space.

Be aware of the housekeeping staff’s everyday activities and the cleanliness of the guest rooms and common areas.

To ensure they adhere to our high cleanliness and customer satisfaction standards, We supervise, recruit and train the housekeeping staff of our hotels.

Monitor the spending of the housekeeping department, make an inventory, and ensure enough cleaning products are available.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

To provide better service to our guests, we seek an experienced and reliable hotel attendant who can join our hospitality team. You’ll be accountable for ensuring the allocated room is adequately stocked, maintained, and cleaned. Furthermore, you’ll need to be able to courteously and swiftly address the questions and complaints of visitors.

You should be reliable, friendly, pleasant, and aware of all guidelines, procedures, and standards to be a successful room attendant.

Housekeepers in hotels who are professionals

After guests have left, Perform basic housekeeping chores like changing sheets, replenishing the bathroom, organizing towel sets, and cleaning and dusting the area.

When you provide service, inform and return any property belonging to guests in the room.

Inform the supervisor about any property damage incidents in commercial areas.

Every shift, you will work with housekeepers on each change.

After the shift has ended, Clean, disinfect, and put away all equipment.

Respect cordial relationships with your guests and staff.


We are searching for an energetic cleaner to be part of our exceptional staff within Venmac Resources Limited in Abuja.

The chance to further the career path of a Full-Time Cleaner is excellent. Apply for the job: If you can work independently and think critically, communicate and have interpersonal skills.

The workplace must be comfortable for employees. Cleaning jobs could be part-time or full-time. Pay can be in the form of salary or wages.


You’re now ready to begin searching for openings once you’ve composed your general ad that can be tailored and altered following the specific role that you’re seeking! By creating a profile with Yoopies, you can indicate you are available, narrow your search areas, and significantly simplify and accelerate searching through jobs and job openings.

Keep looking for local advertisements on job search sites, regional newspapers, and notice boards for neighborhood residents.


What is the difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner?

The general rule is that housekeepers carry out small tasks more often than house cleaners, like washing dishes and laundry.

What is the time frame for a person to be a home keeper?

A housekeeper needs to have two years of work experience. While it does not include the amount of formal education, that’s the time it takes to master specific housekeeping techniques.

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