The 10 Best Art Schools in the UK

What are the best art schools in the United Kingdom?

There are many undergraduate majors who offer career paths such as art design, photography, animation and furniture design.  But first, when your results come out, you have to make a big decision: make sure you choose the school that suits you.  Find out below who chose the best art and design schools in the UK.

1. University of London

Kicking off the list of best  the best art schools in the United Kingdom is University of London.

Being a member of the Russell Elite University team at the University of London, this prestigious educational establishment is ranked second in Europe and fourth in the world in the 2014 Qatar University rankings.  

The University of London is one of the world’s leading technical institutes offering two bachelor’s degrees (BA և BFA in Arts), two Master’s Degrees (MA և MFA in Arts) and a Doctor of Arts degree.  and model projects of all levels.

2. Newcastle University

Newcastle University is an academic institution that is known for its standard education.

Moreover, the school is another member of the Russell team, Newcastle University has been the owner of the university since 1963.  The university is a “red brick” and features about nine universities built in fourteenth-century English cities.  Prominent alumni are CBI’s Brian Ferry (singer / songwriter) and Scan Scully (artist).

3. Oxford University

Featuring on the list of the best art Schools in the United Kingdom Oxford University is a Premier academic institution.

More so, John Ruskin opened the first art school at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford in 1871.  This research university has allowed new artists, storytellers and artists to collaborate.  Inspiration comes from everything, so this unique name speaks for itself in a research environment.

4. University of Leeds

By and large University of Leeds sits among UK’s culturally prestigious educational establishments. Leeds University is an international leader in the field of art history, church, cultural research and art.  

By allowing students to publish, analyze, and present their works, the annual curriculum will help them develop a part-time research method for their work using practical, creative-critical approaches.

5. Aberystwyth University

The next academic establishment on the list of  the best art schools in the United Kingdom is Aberystwyth University. This European/American institution of higher learning is the first university in Wales, has more than 8,500 students currently enrolled.  

Founded in 1872, Aberystwyth University is the only university in the UK that offers one year of work to all students as part of their education, and it is doing well beyond its average level.  Prominent alumni include Pixar animator Ian Pikawa.

6. Oxford Brooks

Oxford Brooks has a reputation of delivering quality art education over the past few decades. This notorious academic establishment is characterized by dynamic, stimulating and focused environment setting, professional teachers, speakers, artists among several others.

Furthermore, designers can help students guide and secure their work efficiently especially if they are studying art, foundation design, or art at MFA (Master of Arts). Also, do keep it in mind that Oxford Brooks, currently ranked 4th in the United Kingdom, this might help you prepare for the art!

7. Kingston University

Up next on the list Kingston University sits among the best art schools in the United Kingdom. One of the highlights of the prestigious art school is that outside London, Kingston-on-Tames King Square is home to Kingston University.  

The article 2014 post 60% of Kingston’s work has been rated as a global leader in the search for success.  Great result, best part Art and design: history, work theory.

8. Nottingham Trent University

In terms of quality art education Nottingham Trent University is a worthy mention. This highly prestigious British educational service provider is known for its art and design.

Moreover, the school received full university status in 1992.  Two of the three major universities are in Nottingham and one is abroad.  

Also, Nottingham Trent is one of the largest universities today in the United Kingdom.  Additionally, Nottingham Trent’s 92% or 28,000 students will be recommended by the university after the National Student Survey.

9. Northampton University

Breaking into the list of best arts schools to attend in the United Kingdom is Northampton University. This notorious British academic institution is known as the University of the Arts, Science and Technology.

This is rightly so because of the school’s efforts in uniting all the initiatives to help create a stimulating environment for all, strengthening the test and creative side of Northampton.  

Moreover, the growing popularity of research skills, state-of-the-art equipment and technology does ensure that Northampton students will be able to provide what they need while studying at the university, including large books, good laboratories, study sites and laboratories.

10. Goldsmith, University of London

Rounding off the list of best schools in the United Kingdom to study art is Goldsmith, University of London. Founded in 1891, Goldsmiths University is a renowned University of Arts and Social Sciences in south-east London.  

Its art department has been recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom and is among the top 5 universities in the country in all arts subjects.  

More than 8,000 students from 100 countries hold the most prestigious university degrees, including Lucian Freud (Artist) ami Damien Hirst (Artist).


Studying art in the United Kingdom is a great move. There are many schools that offers the program but if you are looking for the best art institutes (in exactness) you are on the right page.

The above-mentioned educational establishment are the best art schools in the United Kingdom.

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