Best Automotive Engineering Schools in the U.S 2023

Best Automotive Engineering Schools in the U.S

Engineering is key machinery for development in a country. These developments could be in the form of new cars, household equipment, automated buildings, new technologies, etc. Whatever it may be, it makes life easier and adds value to our overall standard of living.

There are different types of engineering which are useful in their different sectors. Some of them are Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, automotive engineering.

Automotive engineering is usually considered to be a branch of mechanical engineering. It is concerned with the design, analysis, and production of an automobile vehicle. Automotive engineering is a very creative sector of engineering and has been in existence since the invention of motor vehicles.

With an increasing number of cars and other land vehicles, automotive engineers are one of the most sought-after individuals in the engineering field. Companies like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, etc all need automotive engineers to enhance production and to design new and efficient automobiles, develop the latest updates to cars and also determine the performance rate of already produced vehicles.

The career path to becoming an automobile engineer begins with choosing the right school for the right education. A lot of student who chooses a path in automobile engineering finds it difficult to determine the best school to enroll in for extensive knowledge of automotive engineering. If you are one of these students, then you are at the right place. In this article, I have come up with a comprehensive list of the top ten best automotive engineering schools in the U.S. At the end of this article, you will know the best automotive engineering school in the United State of America.

Is an Automotive Engineer the Same as an Auto Mechanic?

Many people always confuse an automotive engineer with an auto mechanic but the truth is that both careers are not the same. Though related, An automotive engineer is entirely different from an auto mechanic. Automotive engineer is mechanical engineers that come up with ideas and designs for new vehicles. They are involved in the modification of existing vehicle components and parts to meet vehicle technologies. The work of an automotive engineer is Design and Production

Auto mechanics are technicians who perform automobile repair and maintenance services for customers in an automobile shop using their knowledge and experience of vehicle parts. Mechanics are usually technicians or craftsmen who perform these services with their hands and the help of mechanical tools and automated equipment.

Top 10 Best Automotive Engineering School in the U.S

After different research and analysis of different schools of engineering in the united state of America, these are the schools that made it to the list of the top ten automotive engineering schools in the us

1. Kettering University

Kettering University is a private institution that was established in 1919 by Major Albers obey. It is located in Flint, Michigan, and is the best automotive engineering schools in the U.S.

Kettering University has a total enrolment of about 1720 students. As an outstanding university, it boasts of a large number of applications yearly, and getting admission into this school is very competitive. Preparing students to lead in practical and academic areas in fields of science and engineering is one of the ley objectives of Kettering University.

The automotive engineering department of Kettering university is the first choice for numerous students looking to major in automotive engineering. This is as a result of the consistency and hard work of the entire team at the college of engineering of Kettering University.

Kettering university owns several laboratories that are used for engineering research work. These labs include the advanced engine research lab, crash safety center, e-design, e-manufacturing lab, energy systems lab, etc. These laboratories have world-class facilities that aid students to make research capable of producing patents that become a solution to some of the problems faced by local and international communities.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology 

The university commonly referred to as Georgia Tech is a public research institute that was established in 1885. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the oldest universities in America.

The automotive engineering department of the university is filled with innovative tutors that are always on the lookout to employ available technology in improving vehicle performance. Georgia tech automotive engineering students take courses such as fluid mechanics, machine design, fluid mechanics, etc. these are foundational courses that help them design to specification, automobiles that beat others in functionality and speed.

The university is constantly focusing on innovative research methods that bring about change in manufacturing processes.

It takes 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering at the Georgia Institute of technology. This include series of coursework and practical projects which you will be expected to complete before graduation

Apart from automotive engineering, the university offers over 20 other areas of specialization in engineering and tech-related courses

3. Lawrence Technological University

This university is a private school that was established in 1932. The university has its current location in Southfield. The university has a key focus on practical works and has the mission to develop abstract ideas into real-life inventions that can become solutions to world problems.

The automotive engineering faculty has a combination of outstanding students and tutors with more than enough experience in theoretical and practical automotive engineering works. The faculty is one of the birthplaces of innovation in America. The university was founded at the site where henry ford developed the innovative assembly line that is still in use today.

Lawrence technological institute automotive engineering school is research-based and focuses on applying theoretical knowledge into practical works. The faculty offers a bachelor’s and master’s program in automotive engineering. Students are allowed to participate in competitions such as Formula SAE, Baja SAE, etc. and the university has always maintained its position as a top-ranking institution in the automotive engineering field.

4. Minnesota state university

Established in 1858, Minnesota state university is a public university that is located in Mankato, Minnesota. Accredited by the engineering technology accreditation commission of ABET, the universities sole objective is providing quality education and world-class facilities for the learning and practice of automotive engineering

The automotive engineering institute at the Minnesota state university offers hands-on experience for the student to learn vehicle technologies and new developments in automobiles.

The institute focuses on preparing students to become graduates with a solid foundation in automotive engineering. This is achieved through the university’s intensive curriculum that is a perfect blend of theoretical education and practical experience. The automotive engineering technology program in the university is a 4 years program that offers a bachelor of science degree after the coursework.

5. Clemson University

Founded in 1889, Clemson University is one of the leading public land grant research universities in the united states of America. The university located in Clemson, South Carolina is the second most populous university in South Carolina.

The engineering faculty of the university has created an impact in research and has been found in research topics such as vehicle propulsion systems, advanced manufacturing, etc. Its international center for automotive research is on never-ending research and innovative journey. With collaborations from organizations such as Ernst & Young LLP, Clemson university continues to develop an autonomous vehicle that will be useful to future generations.

6. Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

This university is a public research university that was founded in 1869. It is located in Carbondale, Illinois, and has made it to the list of our top ten best automotive engineering schools in the U.S.

The South Illinois university is among the top 5 percent of the institution in the U.S for research activities. It has students from different races who are making a global impact and creating innovations in science and technology.

The university automobile engineering department offers a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering and it is acquired within four years. The curriculum is designed to give the student intensive knowledge on automobiles through research, classroom learning, practical experiences, and technical skills acquisition.

They have world-class facilities that are subject to upgrade in line with emerging technologies. The graduates of the university are leaders in respectable organizations and they are among the boards of several automotive engineering industries.

7. Ferris State University

The Ferris state university was founded in 1884 and is a public university which is located in Michigan. It is one of the most prominent universities in the united stated for automotive technology.

The automotive technology program in the university prepares the student to solve basic automobile problems by applying engineering skills and principles in the design and development of automobile parts. The university has the largest college of engineering tech ology in the U.S and it is a key institute for innovative research and development. The automotive engineering department offers a 4-year bachelor’s degree program for undergraduates who intend to complete a course in automotive engineering.

8. Indiana State University

This is a public university founded in 1865 and located in Terre Haute. The university is recognized as one of the doctoral and professional universities(dpu) its automotive engineering program offers a bachelor’s in science in automotive engineering and can be completed within four years.

The university is focused in preparing students to become industry professionals that make decision base on the latest practice in the automotive industry. The students are put through the basics of vehicular operations, critical thinking, sound decision-making, and managerial roles.

The university blends theoretical education with practical hands-on experience in the automotive field. Students are allowed to gain practical experience through project works and participation in internship programs. This broadens their knowledge and skills in the automotive industry.

9. University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee, located in Knoxville, Tennessee is a public land grant research institute that was founded in 1794 is one of the oldest universities in Tennessee. The university has a total of ten colleges in the undergraduate programs and 11 colleges in the graduate programs.

The automotive engineering faculty offers a four years undergraduate program for the award of the bachelor of automotive engineering. The curriculum includes theoretical knowledge on courses such as machine design, fluid mechanics, etc, and practical training through internships and project works.

10. Brigham Young University

Birmingham Young University is a private research university that is run by the church of Jesus Christ o the latter-day saint. The university is the last on this list and has made numerous impacts in automotive engineering.

The automotive engineering program is a 4-year program that combines automotive engineering coursework to prepare the student to become design engineers, service engineers, and manufacturing engineers in the automotive industry. The tutors are experienced automotive professionals that teach students using an interactive approach of learning which allows students to learn and understand the latest train in automobile technologies.

About the Best Automotive Engineering School in the U.S

The above listed are the top ten best automotive engineering schools in the united states of America. The best on this list is Kettering University. This is possible because of its top-tier curriculum that prepares graduates both as leaders and entrepreneurs. The university has world-class laboratories that are used for engineering research and development. The vehicle design project exhibition done in the school allows the student to work on an engineering project that is a possible solution to a problem faced in the automobile industry. Students work in a team to solve this problem and through the process, they learn valuable skills that they require in the process of becoming a professional automotive engineers.


Q: How long does it take to complete a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering?

A: It takes 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. This is usually split into 8 semesters of coursework.

Q: Which university is the best automotive engineering school in the U.S?

A: The best automotive engineering school in this article is the Kettering university. The school offers the best program in automotive engineering.


Automotive engineering is important to develop technologically advanced vehicles that fit better into the environment. Pursuing a career in this field is never a wrong choice because the number of vehicles in the world keeps on increasing. This means that the number of automotive engineers needed in the manufacturing industry will also be on the rise. If you intend to study automotive engineering, choosing the best school is the first choice you have to make and with hard work and dedication, you should be set to graduate in the next four years.

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