Best Cosmetology Schools in the U.S 2023

Best Cosmetology Schools in the U.S

Hi Scholar, welcome. Today I will rank the best cosmetology schools in the US.  if you are considering cosmetology as a career then you would want to know the best schools where you can study cosmetology. below you’ll find them listed out for you. If you have any observations or you think I missed a school, please leave me a comment below

Why Study Cosmetology

Cosmetology is an art and also a science. Cosmetologists provide care for people’s hair and nails and skin advice. With the recent demand for beauty and the influence of social media, the demand for cosmetologists in the United States has increased greatly. They earn about $24,721 per year and $11.89 hourly. To become a cosmetologist, you need to be specially trained for an average period of 1,600 hours taking about 9-15 months in the United States.

Women mostly dominate cosmetology as a career. There are about 1million licensed women cosmetologists in the U.S today. The career is highly lucrative, and they are being sought after by people all over the world.

You would be trained in the desired area of specialization, and after that, you get a license as a cosmetologist.

The license procedures are dependent on the laws and regulations of the state you are in. You must be licensed to operate as a cosmetologist in the United States.

Listed below in this article are some of the best cosmetology schools in the U.S today.

Best Cosmetology Schools in the U.S 2023

1. Paul Mitchell Schools

The founders of the school, located in Orlando Florida, is Paul Mitchell and John Paul The school is located in Jacksonville, with a tuition fee of $12,430  and 130 students. In 1980, they fought against animal testing in the country.

The school has over 100 beauty products produced by them. Over 100 learning centers across the United States. Their curriculum has a variety including texture, style finishing, manicure, pedicure, make-up, etc with over 50,000 saloons in 80 countries.

2. Tricoci University

Located in Bridgeview, Illinois, It is accredited by NACCAS, offering services in hair treatment and styling, chemical application, nail technology, esthetics, hairdressing, etc. It takes about 12 months to complete the School when in attendance full-time—started by Mario and Franco Triccoci in the 1950s as a hair salon which will later become The Triccoci University in 2004.

The University is driven by a passion for training beauticians with global recognition. As part of the learning package, the students get a free Apple iPad, all for keeps, so this is the school for you if you want all these packages.

3. Aveda Institute

It is an accredited school with a tuition fee of $22,975. It is located in Los Angeles, California. The cosmetology school gives its students access to scholarships opportunities and a network of saloons which helps you become better even after graduation. It tops the list of the best schools of Cosmetology in the United States. They organize Charity programs regularly tagged “Beauty for a Cure.”

Indian traditions generally influence them, and their products are consumer-friendly. Their cosmetology programs are spread in over 60 cities in Australia, Canada, and America. You are assured to be under the best tutorship once you’re a student in this school. And they were emerging as a skilled Cosmetologist, one of the best found in the country.

4. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

The school was founded by the late Leo Passage, a stylist, and cosmetologist who had over 100 awards, founded Pivot point in 1962. Located in Chicago, they have over 2000 institutions in about 70 countries in 15 languages. Offering courses in cosmetology fundamentals, their curriculum includes sculpture, hair design, salon success, and Meta, texture, color. The beauty school has a digital platform where students interact and learn at the same time called (LAB), an acronym for Learn About Beauty.

5. Ogle School

It is located in Dallas, Texas. It is a cosmetology school accredited by NACCAS and Founded in 1973.  All over the state of Texas, they have eight educational training facilities. The school runs cosmetology programs allowing students to learn from real-life practicals under strict supervision.

If you want a place where you can have your hair styled for a much lower cost, by the students, this is the place for you. In Ogle, annual competitions boost confidence, efficiency, and awards are given to students who emerge top. Just in case you’re a busy person, the school’s flexible program allows you to study at your convenience starting any time of the year, part-time, full time, morning, and evening sessions.

5. Hollywood Institute of Beauty

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty has three major locations located in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. Offering services in cosmetology, including skincare routines, nail technology, massage, hair cutting services, etc. They are regarded as the General Beauty Culture Program.

As a full-time student of the school, you can complete your program in 10 months maximum. If you are a student who does not understand the English language, you don’t have to worry as they also offer cosmetology services in Spanish. After completing school, you are then eligible to get a license. They motivate you to reach your full potential.

6. Empire Beauty School

The beauty school has over 109 branches in the United States with eighty years of experience. It was founded in 1984. It is located at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Established. They also have accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences(NACCAS).

Attending this school with its wealth of experience will boost your knowledge of Cosmetology. They offer basic skincare, retail training, haircutting, design, makeup, color and texture, cosmetology educator training, esthetics, and make-up artistry.

7. The Sassoon Academy

This school is located in Santa Monica, United States. they accept students with no prior experience or knowledge in cosmetology into their school. Some beauty kits you’d be needing here include Combs, clips, hairbrushes, hairdryer, curling iron, cosmetology textbooks, wax kits, etc.

Even though you are a working-class person, there is a flexible program provided for you at Sasson’s Academy, enabling you to work and learn simultaneously. Courses include Saloon comprehensive Diploma. The Sasson cosmetology academy program generally runs for 44 weeks.

8. Xenon International Academy

This is another school of Cosmetology located in Omaha, United States. The academy offers students all needed skills, knowledge, and experience in the field of Cosmetology. Their program includes Saloon success, hair texture, and color, designer’s sculptures. They teach you the fundamentals of Cosmetology.

Here at the academy, you’ll require a cosmetology textbook to be part of this school. Their teachers are highly trained cosmetology professionals who bring practicals to the classroom to aid learning and make you efficient and give you first-hand knowledge in the field of Cosmetology.

9. The Hair Design Schoool

The hair design school has branches in Tennessee, New Jersey, and North Carolina. This school specializes in the Hair branch of cosmetology. if you are looking for a school where you would specialize, this is the school for you. They specialize in hair styling, cutting, and coloring, etc.

As an alumnus of this school, you are sure to have employment because of their result over the years. The Hair Design school not only gives you the privilege of specialization but also allows practicals in a learner-friendly environment.

10. American National College

The American National College has branches in Georgia and Texas; they partner with Demalogica, CHI, and OPI to maximize output. Their curriculum involves the following: cold weaving and related theory, Saloon management, and beauty practices, hair, and scalp treatment and other related theory, shampoo and related theory, Chemistry, haircutting, and styling, Orientation theory, Tcc rules and regulations, hair coloring, and related theory, manicuring and related theory, facials, etc. All these services for 1500 hours, with their flexible Programs to allow learning at any time, especially weekends.

This is a great school if you want to learn more because they deliver and also consist of one of the best cosmetology schools in the United States today.

11. Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skincare Training

This Institute was founded in 1990. Their curriculum involves lectures, assignments, practical clinical programs. The institute is specialized in esthetics; they aim to produce highly skilled estheticians. If you want to advance your craft and seek professional touches on your skills, Lia Institute is the school for you. Their services also include; micro-needling, teen make-up, advanced theatrical makeup, Brazilian bikini waxing, color make-up kit, bridal makeup, oxygen treatment, financial and payment plans, basic introduction to Airbrushing, editorial fashion make-up Etc.

12. The Academy NYC of Cosmetology and Esthetics

Located in New York City with a tuition fee of $14 200 with learning kits of $2,995. This cosmetology school is also partners with Paul Mitchell school of Cosmetology and also adopts some of their learning curriculums.

Here, you will be learning in a student-friendly environment for eight months. There are also scholarship options available for students here at the academy. Paul Mitchell’s cutting system is taught here at this academy, a cutting system that is recognized all over the United States.

 Skills Required to Become a Cosmetologist

  • Agility: you should train yourself to be physically fit. Be aware that the art of cosmetology takes a lot of work. This includes physical and mental efforts. You would be standing on your feet for longer hours without getting tired.
  • Good Hygiene: To get patronage from clients, you have to keep yourself and your workspace clean. Take your hygiene seriously. The tools and equipment you use for work should be germ-free.No one likes a dirty person; it is a turn-off to people. Take care of your nails, hair, and skin to attain people to you.
  • Creativity: for you to succeed as a cosmetologist, you need to be able to be creative with your art; with one look at a client, creativity entails you should be able to tell what looks, product, routine, or style would suit the person. You will have to consistently engage your brains to bring out the best for your clients. Be able to create new trends.
  • Listening/People Skill: To become a successful cosmetologist, you should have strong people skills, be an apt listener, offer advice, and follow instructions. No one likes a rude person, so be friendly. Your clients are important to your business, so listen to them so you can deliver effectively.


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For thousands of years since humans appeared on the earth, they have always wanted to look beautiful to improve their physical appearance. It is instinct to want to look beautiful. We add hair extensions, glow our skin, have our pedicures and manicures, visit the spa, etc.

History has revealed that people have used extreme measures in a bid to look good, especially royal queens, influential people, etc, some of them leading to disastrous consequences. Let’s all admit that no single person doesn’t want to look better and give a good impression.

However, every career has hazards. According to research, some chemicals found in some of the products you work with, such as hair dye, relaxers, nail polish, etc., as cosmetologists are harmful to the human body when in use for a long period. Some of these chemicals include Ammonia, Coal tar, Sodium hydroxide, DTB, etc.  The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is responsible for regulating these hazardous substances in the United States.

You can also check for the list of:

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