10 Best Dance Schools in the U.S [How to Apply]

Hi scholar, welcome to Vastlearners.com today i will rank the best dance schools in the US. if you are looking at going to a dance school then below i have made the task of picking a dance schools easy for you.

Why Study Dance In The US

Dance is Any activity or movement of the body that responds to composing sound or music. It has been generally part of human existence since time Immemorial. People dance for different reasons, exercise, therapy, celebration, culture, social events, competition Etc.

Dance has been a kind of therapeutic method for a while; though it takes a lot of physical energy and endurance on the part of the dancer, it is exciting and entertaining on the part of the audience.

It has many historical origins; you may be familiar with some form of dance, maybe the ones trending or that of your culture. We all dance as part of human existence, at parties, ceremonies, festivals, concerts, etc. Dance could be theatrical, for example, costume, scenery, or mine dance, which are found in modern dance, ballet, classical dance, etc.

Participatory dance helps build social interaction and binds social groups together, for example, folk dance, especially in African culture, group dance, partner dance, etc. Before the invention of written characters, dance was part of the communication channels. Found in many cultures like Bible times, ancient China, Babylon, India, Africa, etc. Musical instruments usually accompany dance.

Contrary to popular beliefs, dance is quite popular in the United States. In Latin America, dance is an important part of the culture. Some include the Brazilian Samba, tango by Argentinians, Sausa by Cuban, Jarabe, Joropo, cumbia, etc. Dance has become part of formal education in the United States today. Dance institutions offer degrees in dance; they cover courses in Dance therapy, kinesiology, Choreography, Dance practice and performance, Dance notation, ethno-choreography, etc.

You live in the U.S, have a passion for dance, and seek to become a professional in the art of dancing; this article will guide you into the top 10 dance schools in the U.S.

10 Best Dance Schools in the U.S

1. New York University Tisch School of the Arts

One of the Top 10 Dance Schools in the U.S is the New York University Tisch School of the arts. They have pre-professional dancers, which means, without having prior knowledge of dance, you can be enrolled and become a professional dancer upon graduation.

You can also study other things here at this school while learning to dance professionally. At this school, you get to work with professional choreographers and celebrity dancers; this is made possible through the Second Avenue Dance Company; this company gives students opportunities to dance by Master artists.

The chairperson of this institution is Sean Curren; he is an American dancer who has taught choreography in over 100 schools and institutions. He has also handled other external bodies like the American dance festival, Bates dance festival, Boston conservatory Etc. He won in 1985 a BC award.

2. Juilliard School, New York

When it comes to art, music, and dance, New York is on fire. The Juilliard School is a well-recognized school of arts. One of the alumni of this institution was a well-known superstar in 1953, known as Paul Taylor; his company is called the Paul Taylor dance company. They tour the country and give performances of his works. Another alumnus of this school is Jeff Edwards; he has performed in numerous world-class dance companies like Broadway, giving him international recognition.

As a student at Julliard, you get to perform in the exciting city of New York, in places like the Whitney, the Juilliard Opera, metropolitan museum of Arts, MoMa, etc. The Juilliard school should be one of your top choices to harness your talents; you could get lucky and become a global star if you work hard at it.

3. Dominican University

It is located in San Rafael, CA. The university is one of the best dance colleges in the United States. It has a partnership with one of the best dance companies called the Alonzo king line Ballet. Students of the university can also be part of the dance College program and continue with their studies. The campus is in San Rafael, while the dance center is in San Francisco.

Many graduates of this school’s program have been recruited into top brand dance companies like the Axis dance company, The Company of Alonzo king, and the  National Company for the dance of Spain.

The school partners with JUNTOS and gives its members travel slots to perform all over the U.S and Mexico. Their core values are in Western classical Ballet; however, there are other courses in dance offered. This is a great school if you wish to learn more about Western classical Ballet and get employment after graduation in one of the top dance companies. 

4. The Cornish College of the Arts

One of the top 10 Dance Schools in the U.S is the Cornish school of the arts. The school is located in Seattle. The students here have intensive physical training for about 6-8 hours at the school’s studio. Ballet is the core point of Cornish College. Although they focus majorly on Ballet, they offer courses in martial arts, urban dance, Jazz, Tap, etc.

They let their students collaborate with other schools and other departments of Arts majors like drama arts and music to improve skills and share the experience. If you desire a school where you can have intensive physical training, this is the place for you.  You get to meet professional dancers as they come around often; you can also complete their training in less than two years.

The advantages of schooling here are collaborations and intensive training/ rehearsals; you get to meet professionals to improve your skills and make you one of the best.

5. Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University is located in Dallas, Texas. Located on the South coast, their dance school in the United States Partners with the Texas Ballet Theatre.  The Texas Ballet Theater is one of the largest dance companies in Texas.

The core of this dance school is classical and jazz ballet. Students are given amazing slots to perform at different event centers like Winspear Opera House and City Performance Hall. This school has a dance theatre with a seating capacity of 400 people.

As an alumnus of this school, opportunities exist for you to be employed at different institutions like the Alvin Ailey American dance theatre, Martha Graham Company, Paul Taylor dance company, etc. are the opportunities that exist as an alumnus of this school.

6. Indiana University

This is yet another University that tops the chart. This school dance program gives you a sense of belonging and makes you feel at home despite their large number and creates room for partnership and relationship-building between people.

Indiana University has one of the best contemporary dance programs in the United States. An example of one of the Indiana University contemporary dance program faculty members is Stafford C Berry Jr. He was iconic and performed in the legendary dancer Chuck Davis’ African American dance for over ten years. Another member of the ballet program is Kyra Nicole, a former member of the New York ballet. Alumni of this dance school can be spotted in the Moving company of  Newport, Nashville ballet, Boston ballet, and a host of others.

As a graduate of this school, your chances of getting employment in dance companies are high. Indiana University School of Dance is committed to raising skilled and professional dancers in contemporary and classical styles. Professional teachers and highly trained staff members are committed to excellent service delivery and raise world-known dancers in classical and contemporary dance.

7. Point Park University

Point Park University has one of the top 10 Dance Schools in the U.S. They are one of the most selective dance schools in the U.S; this means that out of 1000 applicants, only 75 people will be granted admission into the school. Bruce Wood, Alonzo King, and Chuck Davis have worked with Garfield Lemons, the chairperson of the dance program.

This school of dance at Pittsburgh is among the prestigious faculties in the university. They have productive structures at their school for dancers; an example is the George Rowland  White performance center dance performance center and a playhouse located on campus that presents over 30,000 spectators every year. At this school, not only will you learn dance, but you get to experience art first-hand. You will not have a problem locating opportunities here.

8. University of Arizona

This University is located in Tucson.  It is one of the best contemporary and Classical dance schools in the country you can find around. The school of dance is open to everyone who attends the university.

At this university, there is a dance group called “The Dance Collective”. This group is so influential that they sponsor events such as the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase, held annually; they seek to enhance all dance styles. The school of dance at the University opened a clinic in 2013 to provide healthcare to treat accidents during dancing and general welfare. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree at this school, you can get an MFA or BFA here.

9. The University of North Carolina, School of the Arts

This school of dance is located in Winston Salem, NC. The school is one of the best schools in its field of dance, is an affiliate of the  ABT, an acronym for  American Ballet Theater. ABT curriculum is used in the University of North Carolina school of arts to bring out the best in the students. It is also considered a world-class curriculum. One advantage of being at this school is that you can easily get employed in dance institutions worldwide, easily becoming a tutor yourself in the field of dance.

UNCSA also has a high school program as well, so you can choose from the variety. The school’s choreographic institute is one of the best in the country as it provides students with the opportunity to work with highly trained professionals in the field.

10. The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

This is an art and dance school like no other, consistently maintaining a state of excellence. This school maintains its standard through its program “Knowing Dance More.”

This school invites top artists and dance professionals to partner with the students; some are Jennifer Nugent. She is a Bessie award-winning artist and has performed alongside  Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane company. Also, Robert Battle, an artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American dance theatre, is the choreographer recognized worldwide by Andrea Miller.

This school is generally regarded as one of the best schools for dance in the world. You will need to study and work hard; laziness and unseriousness are never tolerated. Over two-thirds of the curriculum involves dance performances and theory classes. Working with them at the faculty is the highly esteemed Donna Burchfield. She had multiple awards to her credit for her quota to the art of dance. The university of the arts Philadelphia sure knows its onions.


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Dancers could be professionals or amateurs. Dance can be taught since it is an art; you too can become a professional dancer with the right training in the right dance school. Profession Dancers in the United States belong to associations, for example, Screen Actors’ guide, American guild of Musical Artists, Actors Actors Equity Association, etc. Whether you are planning to enroll or you are already enrolled in one, this list of top 10 Dance Schools in the U.S is a perfect guide for your decision making.

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