The 10 Best Film Schools ln London

What are The 10 Best Film Schools in London? Acting is an exciting and fun career choice choice. If you dream of becoming an actor or actress, it is important to get an education.

It is funny to see some people believe that acting can be very easy given how graceful and simplified it . But this is wrong. To become a professional actor, one should be educated and trained in the art. 

And this is where the concept of best film schools come in. If you aspire to get your acting career on track in London, certainly you’ve not made a mistake. London, one of the most significant cities in England, is known for housing some of the best movie schools worldwide.

But one think you should consider is the tuition and cost of living. They are quite high and may be expensive for some middle-income earners. However, if the means is there, may be you won a scholarship or you’re financially fit, then you’re good to go!

  1. National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School is a premier Film school. Courses are handled by professional in the industry and the school also have some state-of-the-art facilities.

With over 30 certifications, the school is one of the largest of its kind. Students studying here enjoys the services cinemas, theatres as well as suites.

It is also home to several Oscar award winners and many Hollywood elites.

Tip: UK students pay £14,300 per year for 

MA courses while international students are charged more higher;  £30,000 a year.

  1. London Film School

Established in 1956, London Film School is a big name in the American movie industry.  Surprisingly, only 40% of the school’s total student population are from the United Kingdom. The rest are from the international communities and this tells in volumes of its global recognition.

London Film School is known for offering short movie Courses and also engages students to participate in movie festivals. It may not have the same education quality like National Film and Television School but it certainly do allow students to be more involved in movie production.

  1. Met Film School

If professional environment is your watch word, then Met Film School is your best bet. This top movie school is located in Ealing Studios, a spot blessed with many film equipments.

Courses offered by the school are plenty but the maximum duration to complete a program is 3 years. Also, the school believes in intensive education hence students are drilled in several movie expertise including behind-the-camera skills, scripting, character impersonation, and motion capture.

Postgraduates programs are also available for students who wants to advance.

4. Goldsmiths, the Screen School

Goldsmiths, the Screen School is one of the best film schools in London. This pretigious art establishment is located in New Cross and is one of the most sought-after of its kind.

The school is a very competive one and and with a mission to become the “aisle of modern movie production” education quality here is at its top. In a bid to accomplish this mission, programs like video games and web drama are included and elaborated on, extensively.

However, the school does not have any short courses but students can do well to take advantage of MA programs in various movie career paths ranging from Cinematography to Sound Recording.

In terms of tuition fee, UK residents are charged £12,940 per annum. Meanwhile international students are to part ways with 

£24,820 yearly.

5. London Film Academy

Despite being established in 2001, London Film Academy has improved enough to earn itself a spot among the best film schools in London. The school is located in Fulham, West London and majority are the female; this spans from the students population right to the management.

It is worthwhile to note that despite the school is one of the cheapest on the list and can be a great choice if you’re on a budget. Moreover, the educational establishment offers several programs in movie production and is home to a Cinema as well as two studios.

According to LFA, 95% of its graduates are gainfully employed within max of three months after completing a program. This pride and history can be worth the consideration given the intense competition in the movie arena.

6. University of Westminster

University of Westminster is one of the best film schools in London. Located in Harrow, Zone 5, the school is neatly situated. This large base provides enough space for studios, editing grounds, suite among other equipments.

The school is also known for its focus on movie production; showing little interest for acting. So, it’s be best to say that the school is not a good fit for upcoming role artists but it sure do have a top film education standard.

According to the school, over 75% of its scholars are employed given their practical approach to film production.

7. Ravensbourne University

Ravensbourne University is an incredible choice for Lovers of film-y programs. This School offers several Courses including Bachelor degree-awarding programs in Editing and Post-production, Digital TV production, and Digital Film Production.

The main advantage the school has is that it links students to several movie industries. This is one of the reasons why its freshers are exposed to professional movie scenarios at 100 Level.

However, the school has an unusual admission requirements. Instead of demanding for grade work, this digitally focused schools seeks applicants who are into art and creativity.

8. Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School 

Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School is one of the best film schools in London. This School is notorious for having 2 big Studios and edit suites.

It also offers several film courses leading to the award of BA, MA, and PhD.

9. Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth

Rounding off our list, Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth is a classic film institute.

Aside from being the biggest film school in UK outside London, it is also known for its creativity. It offers several film programmes ranging from Performance Design to Film Production.


If London is calling you and your film career, the above-mentioned movie schools are ideal places to be.

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