Best Journalism Schools in the U.S 2023

Best Journalism Schools in the U.S

Today I would be talking about journalism, why you should study journalism and the best schools to study journalism. please leave a comment below if you have any observation or comment

Why Study Journalism

In today’s world, media is almost everything. The media has become so powerful that top decisions in the world are being Influenced by media companies and personalities.

Emerging news on issues like the advent of covid, the control, and the cure were passed through media. This shows how media can be very useful in our everyday lives.

Journalists are always on the constant lookout for information, theirs is to amplify and never to hide. In a developed country, you can’t shut the mouth of journalists and media personalities. For democracy to be complete, there must be a fully functional network of journalists.

America is one of the countries that has experienced the full influence of good and bad journalism. Top media companies send out journalists every day to report news and information on the latest happenings and trends in the country.

According to statistics, about 15,239 students were awarded journalism degrees in the 2019/2020 academic session in the united states of America. There are over 143 colleges and universities that offer journalism as an undergraduate program in the united state of America.

Journalism is a professional career and to be a top journalist, one of the first things to do is choosing a top journalism school to attend. A top journalism school will provide you with the tools needed to be influential and to practice good journalism. In the united states of America, there are so many schools that are considered the best. I will be giving you a detailed and comprehensive list of the best school of journalism in the united states of America

Who is a Journalist?

An individual which is trained to gather information which could be in the form of text, voice recordings, or video, and process it into the news which can be disseminated for public consumption is known as a journalist

What is journalism?

Journalism is referred to as the profession that deals with the production and distribution of news and reports on current events based on facts gotten from information which can be in text, voice recording, or video.

Best Journalism Schools in the U.S

1. Northwestern University

Established in 1851, the northwestern university is a private research university located in Illinois, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the united state of America. This university is number one on our list of the best journalism schools in the U.S. It is ranked as one of the top 15 universities in the country and is a great university overall.

Journalism is one of the majors in the northwestern university and is taken seriously by both the university and its students. The university has series of programs that is made to prepare students for an effective career in journalism they include:

  • The Journalism Residency Program

This program allows the students to work at media houses and outlets as reporters. You will engage in all aspects of journalism by collating news, writing content, and reporting for the media outlet. This is done to give the student a real-life experience of practical journalism. It adds to the experience the student has in his or her job.

  • The Media on the Hill Program

This is a program that is made to expose students to U.S politics. It gives you the required experience in deadline reporting. You will make daily news updates and reporting using the internet and social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Medill Investigative Lab

This program prepares students to become investigative journalists. Students are being trained on how to research, investigate and report while working on cases of conviction. You will be allowed to work with a veteran journalist to gain experience while learning.

2. University of Missouri

Nicknamed Mizzou, the University of Missouri school of journalism is one of the most outstanding schools of journalism in the united states of America. It was founded in 1908 and has since ranked as one of the oldest and longstanding schools of journalism. The school boast of graduates who have become top journalists in the nation.

They provide students with hands-on experience in broadcasting through a method they refer to as the Missouri method.

The university has about 8 media companies and two advertising agencies. The University of Missouri undergraduate journalism program takes about 3 to 4 years to complete and the curriculum is made to give students intensive classroom learning and extended practical experience through collaboration with media agencies. The school also offer a masters program in journalism

The university has about 8 media companies including two advertising agencies. The Columbia Missourian is one of the publications of the university. The vox magazine is also a modern magazine published by the university.

3. University of Texas, Austin

Situated in texas is the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. It is identified as UT Austin and is one of the oldest universities. The university was founded in 1883 and is always constantly seen among the best journalism schools in the U.S

The school boasts 18 Pulitzer prizes and encourages all students to get digital training to be able to work professionally in the digital space.

The university has tutors who are highly experienced with the ethics of journalism and they make sure to guide and supervise you with the necessary things you need to know as a starter In journalism.

The university allows students to gain practical experience through short internships where they work as reporters and writers representing different media agencies.

4. Emerson College

Emerson college is a private institution located in Boston, Massachusetts. The college is on our list of the best journalism schools in the U.S

Emerson College school of journalism has the best tutors who prepare students to become full-time professional journalists. Students are thought the ethics and concept of news writing and presentation. Combining modern technology and traditional methods, students learn the basics of writing news that attract readers and increase their understanding of a particular topic.

Students of journalism at Emerson College are taught the techniques of modern-day journalism including digital media and print media. It has one of the best media facilities in the country and students are exposed to first-hand experience in media, news, and publicity.

The school introduced a new multimedia curriculum in 2011 as one of the steps to improve 21st-century media and news reporting. Internship opportunities are also provided for students through a partnership with local media and news agencies. Students are allowed to conduct interviews, write reports and also make news presentations.

5. University of Georgia Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication 

The University of Georgia is located in Athens, Georgia. It is one of the universities that boast outstanding achievements in electronic media and journalism.

The university has alumni which have become top journalists and news reporters in the united state. Some of them include Fox Sports broadcaster Chip Caray, ESPN analyst Maria Taylor, etc.

As part of their degree program, students participate in internships where they represent local media agencies in news reporting and investigating. They write, edit and report news in text, video, and voice format. They also learn how to write captivating and interesting stories that are not offensive or misleading to the audience.

6. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is a public research university that was established in 1847. It is one of the oldest universities in the united states of America. It has up to 12 colleges of which the school of journalism is one of the most outstanding schools in the university.

The university offers a 3 to 4 years program on journalism for the award of bachelor’s degree in journalism. They also offer a master’s degree and a doctoral program in the course.

The university has experienced tutors in the school of journalism who supervise students and train them to become professional unbiased journalists that make an impact in the media sector.

Being a large school, they have a balanced social life that allows students to interact with each other without discrimination. If you intend to study journalism, this might be one of the schools you will be interested in.

7. Arizona State University

Arizona University is a public university that has one of the best programs for journalism in the united states of America.

The journalism program for the award of a bachelor’s degree provides the student with first-hand experience and knowledge on how to become a professional journalist. The curriculum entails core courses and electives. Not leaving behind compulsory practical experience for the students to experience real-life journalism through interviews, news reporting, news writing, etc. students are allowed to specialize in either broadcast or global journalism. They can also choose digital media as a field they want to major in.

They have alumni and graduates that have become the best in their fields and they keep on churning graduates that practice journalism at its best.

Students from Arizona university are thought skills such as investigation, critical thinking, diversity, ethics, independence, etc. these skills are necessary for the student while in the field as a professional. To become an effective investigative journalist, you should be well vested with research knowledge and critical thinking skills.

8. University of North Carolina

The university of north Carolina was founded in 1795 and is recognized in the list of the top ten best journalism schools in the U.S

The university offers a bachelor’s degree program and a master’s degree program in journalism. The bachelor’s degree program is for a period of 3 to 4 years. It teaches journalism with the idea of keeping people informed in the community and nation at large. This is done through media tools like video, text, etc.

The students are allowed to be creative by making their own story and writing content on it., this includes video and speech content which they practice while learning journalism. Internship for students is not skipped as they conduct on-street and on-campus interviews, report the latest happenings on campus and also write and edit news content.

9. Boston University

Boston University is a private research university that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the best journalism schools in the U.S

The university offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree program in journalism. The school boasts of producing up to 24 Pulitzer prize winners and is one of the most respected and prestigious schools in the country.

Preparing students to practice the best journalism profession while following the ethics of journalism is what Boston university aims to attain. This is evident in their curriculum which incorporates digital media and traditional media tools. To reach the widest audience possible, the students are educated on the use of all the various media for publicity and news.

10. The American University

This is the last in our list of best schools of journalism in the united states of America. The American university is one of the outstanding schools in journalism. It offers a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree program in journalism.

The university, through the school of communications, prepares students to become leaders in the media and communication field. Their curriculum includes traditional and digital communication mediums. This ensures that students are well vested with the knowledge of different ways of practicing journalism. Students also engage in practical experience to learn more about professional journalism.



Journalism is one of the professions that are necessary for civic society. As long as there is civilization, there is a need for journalists. they set the standard for a complete and civilized society. If you want to study journalism, then you should pick a school from the above listed.

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