10 Best Plastic Surgery Schools & Residency in the US

Which is the best plastic surgery Residency? Medicine is a program that is roundly loved and cherished by many. Almost all health professionals have a valid reason for choosing a career path. But the common thing is that they all aim to improve the overall well-being of humans.

A Plastic Surgeon helps to change, reconstruct, remake, and alter the body shape following what the patient wants. Their work is not just based on performing medical procedures that lead to successful surgeries but it also entails fulfilling a purpose.

Many people undergo plastic surgery despite its high costs and plastic surgeons are to ensure that they operate (s ) to meet their demands. 

Given how complicated a plastic surgery can be, a shift or little alteration to the process or equipment can prove costly. This set of medical practitioners is best grown in an educational environment where the tools to succeed are rightly in place.

There are many many medical schools to get a plastic surgery residency and you can just find one with time. However, there is always bound to be a difference in its quality and this is affected by the academic standing and position of the institution in terms of the program.

Here are the best-ranked medical school to obtain a plastic surgery residency in the United States…

Schools with Plastic Surgery Fellowships and Residencies

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center4-year, PublicDallas, TX$7,000
University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester4-year, PublicWorcester, MA$25,000
University of Utah4-year, PublicSalt Lake City, UT$8,000
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston4-year, PublicHouston, TX$9,000
University of Missouri – Columbia4-year, PublicColumbia, MO$10,000
Rutgers University – Newark4-year, PublicNewark, NJ$19,000
University of Nevada – Las Vegas4-year, PublicLas Vegas, NV$6,000
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – New Orleans4-year, PublicNew Orleans, LA$13,000
Stanford University4-year, PrivateStanford, CA$51,000
University of Kansas Medical Center4-year, PublicKansas City, KSN/A

10. University of Washington School of Medicine

Location: Seattle, Washington 

Kicking off our list of the best medical schools for plastic surgery residency is the University of Washington, school of medicine.

The prominent school of medicine offers a high-quality plastic surgery residency thanks to its improvised education. The program opens doors to real-time opportunities for aspiring scholars to gain valuable experiences. 

The school is also home to a program called, Harborview Gold system. Here, 2 residents are assigned to an intern and they will get the practical experience of handling complicated burn as well as craniofacial patients. 

Even so, the school of medicine also has a strong faculty with members known to have a sound and prudent knowledge of the program. Hence, students are chanced to work with them, lay the foundation, and build up their career paths.

Additionally, the school is home to many bright lecturers and tutors with years of extensive knowledge in the field. Prominent scholars like Dr. Keyes, one of the prominent plastic surgery practitioners in the United States has publicized many of her study on the program. 

There are included in journals including the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Surgical infections.

9. Emory University School of Medicine 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia 

Emory University School of Medicine is one of the best schools for plastic surgeons to be. It was founded in 1858 and has since then offered quality education on a wide array of medical education. 

Even so, the school prioritizes clinical practice and is among one those focusing on research. Students get to dig in and obtain knowledge as well as apply it practically. 

However, what gives scholars an edge in the school is the presence of patients all around. This gives rise to opportunities for students to gain impeccable experiences while studying in the program.

Emory University School of Medicine has also been known to excellently perform what is called reconstructive breast surgery – not so many centers can boost this in the country.

Students also work in the Grady Memorial Hospital which has several departments and units. These units are access-free for the scholars and they range from the level I trauma center to the burn Center.

Furthermore, there is this Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency at the Grady Memorial Hospital, and scholars are allowed to participate. It sees more than 1k patients and residents are given the choice choose between a 6-year MD/oral surgery track, and a 4-year certificate track.

8. Stanford University School of Medicine 

Location: Stanford, California 

Stanford University School of Medicine offers the 8th best plastic surgery residency. The American educational establishment is known to be one of the best medical schools in the United States and has produced globally renounce plastic surgeons.

The school’s graduates are littered all over the country; working in university hospitals among a host of others. The plastic surgery residency lasts for 7 years and within this period students are given a sound and thorough education in the field. 

The school also prioritizes clinical experience and students are allowed access to lots of research opportunities. Students are mandated to be part of conferences in the program, and they can either go there as attendees or presenters.

Furthermore, potential plastic surgeons also get the opportunity to tour plenty of nations as well get involved in advocacy for fellows of the field.   

7. University of Michigan Health System 

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan 

The medical center of the University of Michigan offers one of the world’s best plastic surgery residencies. The plastic surgery program in the Department of Surgery is a leading one in the school and home to both learning and innovation. 

Scholars participating in the program are presented with lots of opportunities to gain practical experiences. They work hand-in-hand with professional surgeons in the University’s Medical Centre; which is known to house lots of patients; which in turn offers precious experiences to aspiring plastic surgeons. 

Even so, participants are also involved in treating plenty of complex plastic surgery disorders and they also learn how to care for the patient.

Through this empathic obligation to patient care, participants are driven to perform more research for career advancement. The department is also adequately funded and scholars will find much equipment that will make the process less complex.

6. University of Pennsylvania Health System

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Located in the buzzing city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania Health System offers one of the best plastic surgery residency programs in the United States.

This school offers a simple yet career-defining education that promotes an understanding of the field, especially to fresh practitioners. Even so, the Plastic Surgery Training program has 3 fellowship tracks which are the Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Penn Lower Extremity Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, and Microvascular Reconstruction Fellowship.

Firstly, in the Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship, upcoming plastic surgeons expend a year researching and getting hands-on experience in clinical conditions.

This fellowship is one of the best in the school and it has produced some of the country’s best brains in that area.

Secondly, Penn Lower Extremity Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship are designed for surgeons who obtained their 3-year accredited residency in podiatric surgery.

Participants deals with ankle and foot cases and they work at the Presbyterian Medical Center University City and Hospital of Philadelphia.

And lastly, the advanced Microvascular Reconstruction Fellowship offers scholars in-depth practice in areas involving neck and head reconstruction. Participants work alongside seasoned surgeons in the field and are open to better research opportunities.

5. Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard University is one of the best medical schools to obtain a plastic surgery residency.

Harvard University is one of the oldest yet best schools in the United States for anything medical – hence, it is no surprise for them to be on this list.

The school is affiliated with many best teaching hospitals including Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as the Massachusetts General Hospital.

4. Johns Hopkins University / University of Maryland

Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

Johns Hopkins University / the University of Maryland is among the top four best schools for plastic surgery residency programs. 

The 7-year incorporated residency program dedicates 6 years to clinical practices and 1 for research. During the former, students are to gain the necessary knowledge while the latter is for advanced research to establish professionalism.

3. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the 3rd best medical school to obtain a plastic surgery residency. This medical center is home to much-of-the-art medical equipment that meets the world’s standards.

The school also emphasizes research and clinical practice. Potential plastic surgeons also get to work with faculty members and instructors who have gained a handful of precious experiences in the field with years of practice. 

The University is also home to several award-winning practitioners in the field including Associate Professor Dr. T. Oguz Acartürk and Dr. Acartürk – who was the 2007 Young Plastic Surgeon Award from the European Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

2. University of Texas Southwestern Medical School 

Location: Dallas, Texas

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School is a prominent plastic surgery education service provider. Despite offering cheap tuition, the school’s medical department is adequately funded. 

This gives participants the privilege to get plenty of clinical experience, access to many equipment, get involved in several internships, and have access to many research opportunities.

1. New York University Grossman School of Medicine

Location: New York, New York City

The Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery of the New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine is the best place to obtain a plastic surgery residency. 

The reason why the school rank at the top is because of its commitment to the program. Scholars are subjected to sub-internship and elective rotation schedules.

Moreover, there are various dissection stations furnished with the latest surgical technology, and combined with a rigorous curriculum, the school remains on top ahead of others in plastic surgery education.


That was all on best Plastic Surgery Residency.

here is always a demand for plastic surgeons in all areas of the United States. However, you must finish a residency program from an authorized medical school to become a certified surgeon.

The information in the preceding article is crucial for determining the best colleges for plastic surgery in the USA. Examine it carefully for assistance.

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