The 10 BEST Pre-Med Schools in Texas

What are the best Pre-Med Schools in Texas?

Texas is one of the best cities to study in the United States. This big city has a host of educational institutions including Pre-Med Schools. 

These schools though do not offer the main thing yet are the pathway to pursue a medical degree after its successful completion. 

This is considered the best alternative to start the journey of becoming a physician giving the competitive nature of the course.

Also, in most of the pre-med schools in Texas, students are subjected to quite a few courses including Biology, English language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. This varies from one school to the other and if you’re planning on applying do well to check the requirements of your chosen school. 

Without much ado, here are the best pre-med schools to enrol in Texas;

10. University of Texas (Tyler)

Kicking off the list of the best pre-med schools in Texas is the University of Texas, Tyler. This university is among the most preferred in the US for aspiring medical practitioners. One of the reasons is it offers students the opportunity to gain admission to study a wide range of medical courses including Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, and Optometry. 

Scholars also have access to the school’s facilities, equipment, and workshops. This citadel of learning started its pre-med studies in 2019 and has since seen over a thousand successfully admitted to study the medical courses of their dreams.

This school combines rigorous course work with medical research to shape its students and prepare them for the major medical certification.

9. Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX)

With 40 majors and 36 minors, the Southwestern University offers one of the broadest pre-medical courses in the States. 

This University is located in Georgetown, TX and score high when it comes to students acceptance rates. In the U.S. the average acceptance rate for a pre-med college is about 44% but this university has seen around 70% of its students admitted on applying for a major in medicine and other related programs.

This can be attributed to the school’s personalized advising, nice quality of academic teaching, and internships. 

Students who study at this school are well known for their excellence in MCAT and are also subjected to medical advice on careers. 

8. Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX)

Similar to Southwestern University, Texas Christian University has a high acceptance rate of 80%. The factors attributing to this are rigorous course work, professional mentorship and guidance, seminars among others.

Scholars who enrolled in a pre-med study in the university has access to a proficient faculty letter of recommendation from the school to their preferred learning institutions. 

The school also score high in voluntary experience and its students have access to some of the state’s medical research centres.

7. Texas Woman’s University (Denton, TX)

Texas Woman’s University is one of the best pre-med schools in Texas. It is a long-standing learning institute that is majorly made up of females (who make up close to its 91% population).

This school aside from offering a pathway for scholars to obtain their professional medical degrees has lots of other majors including those outside the natural sciences.

Students studying at this college are subjected to advise from an experienced medical practitioner on how to break into medical school. They are also subjected to rigorous coursework and clinical shadowing as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

6. University of Houston (Houston, TX)

The University of Houston is one of the best pre-med schools in Texas. It is affiliated with a host of prominent clinical centres in the United States including Temple University Hospital. 

This institution also hosts a series and allows its students access to medical seminars, trips, and workshops.

5. Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)

Trinity University is a liberal arts tertiary institution that is sought after by many pre-med scholars.

It houses one of the AMSA chapters which facilitates the development of students and lecturer rooms are filled with not more than 25 students.

According to statistics, the school has a 90% acceptance rate and students who have a sizable GPA are offered instant admission.

One of the contributing factors to this is that the University gives its students a well-detailed recommendation letter and also practically engage them as well.

4. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

Southern Methodist University performs particularly well when it comes to preparing students for major applications. 

This spans medical-related courses and includes others like electrical engineering and political science.

3. Rice University (Houston, TX)

Rice University structure its pre-med program in a way that makes it quite easy for aspiring physicians to pursue a medical degree. 

It is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine and is known to organize conferences and as well as network students and medical professionals through programs.

2. University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)

Missing the top spot, the University of Texas at Austin is the second-best pre-med school in Texas. 

It’s arguably the most populated university in the region through the citadel of learning offer around 160 undergraduate programs. This gives students the challenge of choosing a distinct career path.

More so, Pre-med students at this University are networked with their colleagues in others for professional development and networking.

1. Baylor University (Waco, TX)

Baylor University is the best pre-med school in Texas.

It offers a wide range of courses for aspiring medical practitioners and does a personal evaluation on them based on their performances to colleges they applied to.

This is overseeded by a committee that is also responsible for interviewing as well as aiding to chunk down the number of students eligible for it.

Also, a grand $80,000 scholarship is available for one top performer to cart away with.


The big city of Texas houses a large number of scholars some which are about-to-be medical students. It is one of the go-to cities for potential medical practitioners as it has some of the best pre-med schools in the United States. 

Medical science remains one of the most sought after courses in the world and if you’re planning to go to a preparatory school in Texas to boost your admission chances, the above-mentioned learning institutions are the best of their kind in the city.

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