Best SAT Prep Books of 2023

Best SAT Prep Books of 2023

The SAT, which was first administered in 1926, is the world’s most widely used college entrance examination.

Initially created to assess the IQ and aptitude of army personnel during World War I, it was soon adopted as a standardized college-entrance exam.

The SAT has undergone several changes since its initial introduction in 1926, but it remains one of the most important and popular standardized tests in the United States.

As part of the application process, every high school student hoping to enter college after graduation needs to spend time studying for the SAT.

While some universities are beginning to move away from the SAT as a benchmark for incoming freshmen, most still use SAT scores as an indicator.

When combined with a high GPA, high scores on the SAT can help potential students gain entrance to prestigious schools. However, some students with lower scores may be unable to attend their preferred university.

Preparing for the SAT can be a challenge. Dozens of guides and test-preparation books are available to assist students in meeting this challenge.

Some test preparation resources include full-sized practice tests, in-depth answer guides, and helpful tips and tricks.

Others may focus on test-taking strategies and skills. Each is an excellent tool for those preparing to take (and score highly) on the SAT.

In this article, we’ll explore the best SAT prep books for 2023 and discover what each one brings to the table. We’ll devote less time shopping for study guides and more time studying.

Best SAT Prep Books Reviews

1. College Board Official SAT Study Guide

The College Board Official SAT Study Guide contains eight full-sized practice tests and dozens of question-specific chapters to help students prepare for the 2023 SAT

Best SAT Prep Books of 2022

Publisher: The College Board

Year: 2019

Number of Pages: 1300

Vast learners Final Grade: A+

Students who are studying for their SAT are likely to be acquainted with the College Board. The College Board is the organization that is responsible for establishing, implementing as well as scoring SAT. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase the SAT Study Guide that is straight right from the original source. This College Board Official SAT Study Guide is a complete study guide that is easy to read that covers every aspect that is required for the SAT.

The book is divided into chapters that are dedicated to different types of questions making sure that students know the exact details of what they’re required to be able to do before going through the exam. While this book may not impart specific skills or concepts but it’s a great source for students who want to improve their abilities and learn more about the exam.

Each part of the SAT test is explained and discussed in detail, including writing, reading, and math tests. There’s even a tiny section that is devoted specifically to writing the SAT essay test. Students are advised to use the eight practice tests that are full-sized provided in the manual and can be used as a way to monitor the progress of students.

Since the data provided in this book is based on previous tests as well as those of the College Board organization, parents and students do not have to worry about the time they spend on useless questions or subjects. Everything you require to know about scoring well for this test SAT is covered in the more than a thousand pages of this guidebook.

The only possible negative to this guide is its cost. Although it’s extremely cost-effective, a significant portion of the information contained in this massive book is available on the internet at no cost. The price per page is impressive and printing at your home is more expensive than buying the guide for the entire.


  • An SAT prep book straight from the source: College Board.
  • Contains an abundance of full-sized practice tests to help students gradually improve their score.
  • Offers an overview of each section and question type found in the official SAT.


  • Most of the materials included in this guide can be found online for free at the College Board website.

2. Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2021

The Kaplan SAT Prep Plus (2021) guidebook is one of the most comprehensive resources for SAT questions and contains over 700 pages of in-depth information regarding each section of the test.

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 972

Vast Learners Final Grade: A

While the majority of SAT preparation books cover subjects that are frequently covered in the exam (punctuation grammar, punctuation, quadratic equations) It’s difficult to discover one that gives students the chance to review those areas. For instance, the typical SAT guidebook might explain that polynomial equations are typically part of the section on math. But, it will not teach you how to solve polynomial equations.

Students who are struggling with specific math writing, reading, or math difficulties often have difficulty learning their weakest areas using the standard SAT preparation book. Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus (2021) attempts to address this issue by offering an abundance of data to assist students to learn specific topics and conquer their weaknesses.

Although it also contains two test questions (with the option of accessing three more assessments via Kaplan’s website) The main goal is not on improving your score through testing strategies. This book is designed to help reinforce certain abilities and subjects, helping students get a higher mark by improving their understanding and further training.

It is important to remember that the major part of this guide is dedicated to the math portion of the SAT. It is worth selecting a different study tool in case you or your child have trouble with the reading/writing or essay part. But, if you’re in need of complete math preparation it is unlikely to be a better choice than Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus.


  • One of the best guides for the mathematics portion of the SAT.
  • Contains plenty of examples, study techniques, and strategies for those struggling with the test.
  • Helps students practice their mathematics, reading, and writing skills while building upon and bolstering their current depth of knowledge.


  • Only contains two SAT practice tests, though three more are available on the Kaplan website.
  • Most of the information in the guide book is targeted toward mathematics, with very little content devoted to the reading/writing and essay sections.

3. Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep, 2022

Princeton Review’s SAT Premium Prep (2022) is one of the most comprehensive guides available for the 2022 SAT and consists of nearly 500 pages of helpful, topic-oriented examples, explanations, and test-taking tips.

Publisher: Princeton Review

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 832

Vast Learners Final Grade: A

This revised version of this version of the Princeton Review SAT Prep Guide includes everything you need to be prepared for that 2022 SAT. It includes a list of essential topics as well as four full-sized practice exams. If you’re connected to an Internet connection, then you may also access additional learning resources as well as resources and test prep through the Princeton Review website.

Every section of the test is a separate section of the book, making studying an easy task. The book isn’t afraid of explaining the SAT is as well as how scoring is conducted and how important every section of the exam is. For instance, there’s a short description of the SAT included at the beginning of the guide which discusses the essay section that is part of SAT and whether students should attempt it at all.

For complete test-taking advice practices, test-taking strategies and techniques, as well as general SAT information, it’s almost impossible to come across a superior source as The Princeton Review’s SAT Premium Prep (2022). Naturally, some of the material and other resources included in the book might not be accessible to people who do not have computers at home tablets, laptops, or mobile phones.

If you’re trying to begin the 2022 SAT preparation this could be the best guide to follow.


  • One of the most updated and current SAT study guides available.
  • Contains an incredible amount of in-depth information regarding practice questions and test-taking strategies.
  • Clearly labeled chapters and mini-guides make this prep book fantastically easy to read.


  • Some of the included content is only available online.
  • This is one of the most expensive options available.

4. Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium, 2023-2024

Those who struggle to create a comprehensive study plan for themselves may want to consider Barron’s SAT Premium Study Guide (2023-2024) and its wide range of tests and question-related information.

Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series

Year: 2022

Number of Pages: 1056

Vast Learners Final Grade: A-

Barron’s SAT preparation system was created for people who have to access their tablet, smartphone, or even their home computer. This might not be the ideal choice for those who have only limited access to digital devices, since many of the sources are available only through websites or apps. Still, in terms of information that is balanced this guide is a great choice.

Also, if you’ve discovered yourself having difficulty creating an effective schedule for your studies This guide might be able to assist. It offers a diagnostic test to help readers identify their strongest areas of strength and topics which require revision. Instead of battling through the entire range of math or reading exercises, this diagnostic test can pinpoint the specific subjects which require some work.

Since this diagnostic test is very useful, it could possibly save test takers the hours they spend on it. Additionally, every type of test and each topic that is covered in the SAT is covered within this guide. After having completed the diagnostic test, students only need to flip onto their “trouble topics” and study the topics.

With five practice tests on paper to use it’s nearly impossible to set a limitation to the amount of self-diagnosis and learning that can be done. When students are confident of their skills, abilities, and scores it is also possible to take advantage of these two tests online that are included in this manual.

Barron’s also offers useful vocabulary flashcards as well as other digital resources to students who have access to the internet. If you’re always connected to your mobile and need help with preparing for your SAT This guide might be your best option.


  • Contains a diagnostic test specifically designed to help students identify their weakest topics and address them quickly and efficiently.
  • The entire guide is designed to aid students effectively without overwhelming them with excess information.
  • Includes a lengthy section devoted to explaining and examining the actual SAT, as well as identifying tactics that may prove beneficial to test takers.
  • Contains an excellent balance of section questions and topics, making it an ideal choice for students hoping to improve their performance on all sections of the SAT.


  • Additional practice tests are only available online, and there are only two additional tests that students can access via Barron’s website.

5. SAT Prep Black Book

SAT Prep Black Book is packed with strategies, techniques, and valuable tips that will help anyone improve their score.

Publisher: ACT Prep Books

Year: 2017

Number of Pages: 576

Vast learners Final Grade: B

While the study guide does not contain any practice test questions but it is packed with details on each of the topics covered in the SAT. It also provides an incredible amount and range of techniques, tips, and strategies to help you master the test.

Although it’s quite long (especially when you take into account the absence of tests to practice with), every tidbit of information is intended to help students feel at ease and confident in they take the SAT. To simplify things the authors of this book chose to include an introduction section on the parts of the guide to be reading, and why.

So, students don’t need to navigate through the 576 pages to locate the equipment and materials they need to be successful. Instead, they’ll be able to quickly find and mark the most essential and beneficial sections of the guide to studying. One thing which would improve the quality of this guide could be the inclusion of a diagnostic test as well as a final practice test.

These resources are accessible online, which makes the fact that they are not included in this book less important. To get the most comprehensive SAT tips techniques, tricks, and other information take a look at this book.


  • It contains the most SAT strategies and strategies of all the examples included in this list.
  • It can be extremely helpful to people who have questions about the SAT.
  • The book is packed with valuable details for those trying to make a study plan for themselves.


  • This does not include the College Board practice tests.


There are a lot of SAT preparation books you can choose from. Although it’s true that the Official College Board SAT Guide is different and superior to the majority of these books, it’s recommended to enhance this guide with additional resources and tools.

With the proper combination of resources, preparing for the SAT isn’t necessarily an exhausting and demanding process. Particularly if you plan it early enough it’s not necessary to consume a lot of time.

As long as you’ve got the correct tools to prepare yourself for the tests, questions, format, and time limit You’ll probably score higher than you would otherwise. Although the SAT might lose some value in the near future, however, it’s still the preferred entrance test for college students.

If you’re looking to make more from your time at college, and be accepted into the best school you can Take advantage of these college prep books and practice and do it!

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