Bowen University Postgraduate Courses 2023/2024

Bowen University Postgraduate Courses 2023/2024 |

Today we will be looking at this topic: Bowen University Postgraduate Courses 2023/2024.

This article will look at Bowen University Postgraduate Courses.

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Bowen university post graduate

It has been noted that the need for knowing about BowUni Postgraduate Courses has made students be on the internet for details.

Details such as:

Requirements to access BowUni Postgraduate Courses.

How to know BowUni Postgraduate Courses?

Furthermore details of Bowen University Postgraduate Courses.

However, if you’re one of the aspirant looking for all that you’re not alone.

So has provided all the answers to your questions in this post.

Bowen University Postgraduate Courses

This is to notify Bowen Uni Aspirants that the Bowen Uni Postgraduate Courses for 2023/2024 Academic Year is out.

Uniqueness of Bowen PGD Programmes:

  • All programmes are accredited by NUC and Professional Bodies.
  • Highly rated and competent lecturers.
  • Uninterrupted Academic Calendar.
    Adequate accommodation for students (optional).
  • Well-equipped laboratories and studios.
  • Well stocked library with both print and e-resources.
  • Wi-Fi accessibility in all areas of the University.
  • A serene environment with natural vegetation.

Bowen University Postgraduate Courses.

1. College of agriculture, engineering and science:

a. Agricultural Economics
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

b. Animal Science
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

c. Crop Protection
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

d. Environmental Mgt PGD|M.Sc.| M.Phil.|Ph.D.

e. Food Science and Technology
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

f. Microbiology
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

g. Mathematics

h. Chemistry
PGD|M.Sc.|M.Phil. |Ph.D.

i. Physics M.Sc.| M.Phil.|Ph.D.

j. Statistics M.Sc.

2. College of computing and communication studies:

  • Mass Communication

3. College of liberal studies:

  • Religious Studies PPG| M.A.

4. College of management and social sciences:

  • Accounting PGD|M.Sc. |M.Phil.|Ph.D.
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Admin PGD| MBA|M.Sc.|M.Phil.| Ph.D.
  • Economics PGD|M.Sc.
  • Sociology PGD|M.Sc.
  • Human Resource Mgt


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