Best Colleges in Korea for foreign Students 2023

Best Colleges in Korea for foreign Students

Hi scholar, you are here because you want to know the best colleges in Korea for international students? I have carefully researched and came up with this article to answer your questions.

About Korea

Korea is an East Asian country famously known for its high-tech powered cities and sub-tropical islands. It is one country known for its rich historical heritage, and this it has transferred to the present times.

Coming to technology,  Korea has become a leading force in the digital economy, and this is evident in all sectors, including entertainment, education and medicine. It has achieved notable accomplishments in the tech world by producing one of the automotive industry leaders, Hyundai and tech giant  Samsung.

However, we will be focusing on the educational part in this article.  I hope you calm down and follow me as I proceed.

Top Colleges in Korea for Foreign Students

1. Korea University (KU)

Korea University is one of the most extended-standing universities in Korea. It is divided into  81 academic departments, including Law education, medicine, and business programs renowned for their exceptional quality.

According to the subject rankings, KU recently ranks top in Social Sciences & Management, Natural Sciences, and Engineering & Technology.

Also, KU is a member of the influential SKY universities in Korea. As an international friendly institution, it accepts over 4000 international students, which is a perfect one.

2. Seoul National University (SNU)

Seoul National University tops the colleges in Korea for international students.  Established in 1946, it is regarded best university in Korea for international students, according to the standard of academic excellence structured in the school.

Also, SNU is part of the elite SKY colleges/universities, a 3-team league of the most prestigious universities in Korea. It offers sixteen colleges that cross various subjects, from medicine to engineering to humanities to arts.

In addition, it has graduate schools that offer practical teaching in course programs like public administration and data science. It is well known for its practical courses.

As part of SNU’s objective to foster international collaboration, over 700 courses are taught in English, and this is a constant increase crease every year. This is in addition to its ever welcoming and impressive educational campus.

3. Yonsei University

Yonsei University is the oldest university in Kandell as a prestigious member of the SKY member team.

Yonsei University has competitive admission rates and is known to top world university rankings.

The educational structure of Yonsei university covers comprehensive graduate and undergraduate programs in almost every discipline. It was coupled with the fact that It has 153 research centres that conduct works relevant to current global issues such as global warming, climate change and inequality.

Yonsei has several affiliations with international educational, bodies which make sit to accept over 4000 global study year basis.

4. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

When you talk about one of the best colleges in Korea, foreign student students that deals with high tech education, you talk about KAIST.

The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, established in 1971, is the first public research-oriented institution for science and engineering.

It is the leader of innovations, entrepreneurship, science, creativity and technology in Korea. It is the best college to study advanced Entertainment Engineering and Eco-Energy engineering.

KAIST structure comprises seven undergraduate schools and 13 graduate schools, all creating global value.

As an internationally acclaimed institution, KAIST accepts about 600 international students every year. And, 80% of courses are taught in English.

5. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Sungkyunkwan University is one of the best private colleges in Korea for international students that came out from the Joseon dynasty’s primary academic institution. In terms of business and technology, it is known as a leading voice. The research department of SKKU is sponsored by Hyundai, Samsung, and many top public arms, making its research arm one of the most efficient.

As a student in SKKU, you have the opportunity to learn through 3D printers, laser cutters, and the rest. In addition, it has a massive library and quality sports facilities and a massive library.

SKKU solely built SKKU educational  structure  on the philosophy of Confucianism

6. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Pohang University of Science and Technology is a privately held research college founded by the Korean steel company POSCO. POSTECH is one of the best colleges to study engineering and advanced science courses as having 11 Sci-Tech departments and 73 research centres to build up its students to the very best. Plus, POSTECH has the country’s only synchrotron radiation facade as the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.

As one of the top colleges in Korea for international students, POSTECH accepts many international students, especially at the master and doctorate levels.

It may interest you to know that POSTECH and KAIST conduct the annual Science War as a knowledge-exchange platform for students.

7. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology was established in the year 2007. This makes it a young research university for science and technology. Within 14 years of existence, it has but high tech structures which consist of  13 departments for science and engineering, a business school, and four specialized graduate schools.

Currently, the research arm is solely focused on next-generation energy and advanced materials.

In UNIST, students and professors study two areas of majors. This it does to interdisciplinary education.

The nice thing which is the best part of this university is that it is the only university in Koreas that teaches all its subjects in English.

8. Kyung Hee University (KHU)

Kyung Hee University, one of the top colleges in Korea for international students. Unlike most normal universities solely concentrated on tertiary education, the Kyung Hee university provides you with instruction from kindergarten to graduate studies. It might interest you to know that the Dept. of Physical Education at KHU is the leading college in Korea for physical education with sports medicine, coaching, and Taekwondo. Hospitality and Leisure Management are serving as the highest-ranking program in the university.

Also, traditional Korean medicine is taught here.

Kyung Hee University has an extensive affiliation with many external bodies, including the United Nations Academic Impact program about human rights and conflict resolution.  In addition, it is in collaboration with over 400 sister universities globally.

9. Sejong University (SJU)

Serving as the best college to study hospitality and tourist management in Korea is Sejong University. In addition to that, SJU is renowned for Animation, dancing, and rhythm.

It is broken down into nine faculties like liberal arts, electronics, & information engineering, and life sciences.

Furthermore, the university’s research arm only focuses on astrophysics,  green energy and climate change science.

10. Hanyang University (HYU)

As a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)student, this is the best university to further your program in. Hanyang University is a top university in Korea in STEM.

Currently, HYU offers graduate and undergraduate programs in various study fields. Its engineering course programs have been ranked the highest in Korea in many academic evaluations.

HYU is affiliated with more than 700 university partners globally, thus making it an authority in the STEM fields.

HYU accepts 3000 international students yearly.  Also, HYU assists Korean students who enact to study abroad to achieve their dreams.

Why study in Korea?

Korea is one of the best places to study as an international student. Below are the reasons you should check in Korea:

  1. Ranking: The universities in Korea has been ranked consistently by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, having seven institutions among the top 200 in 2021.
  2. English Language: Most of these courses are in Korean and are increasingly taught in the English language. As an English international student, you can enrol for the Korean language proficiency test to study partial or complete degree programs. It can be undergraduate or graduate programs.
  3. Low tuition fee: The Tuition fee for both domestic and international students is the same here. There is no discrimination. The tuition fee ranges from 4000 – 20,000 USD.
  4. Availability of Scholarships: As an international student, you can easily bag a scholarship in any Korean University. Fully Funded Korean Government Scholarship 2023is available now. Kindly check and read through.

Also, colleges and public institutions regularly provide scholarships and research funds too.

  1. Cheap living cost: The Living cost in Korea is relatively lower than in other world-first countries. You can get cheap internet and mobile services, affordable accommodation, and cheap tourist centres.

What is the acceptance of colleges in Korea for international students?

There is no unified nor centralized acceptance rate for the colleges in Korea. Evey college or university has its unprecedented acceptance rate. However, the acceptance rate of international students here is very fair compared to that of the UK, US or Canada.

Can international students work while studying in Korea?

You working in Korea depends on your ability to speak the Korean language and your type of degree.

As an associate or a bachelor’s degree student, you can only work 10 – 20 hours, while as a master’s and doctoral degree student, you can work up to 30 hours on weekdays.

Also, as an International student in Korea, you either have a D-2 visa for the entire study term or a D-4 visa for language study or training activities with a 6-month duration. So both the D-2 and D-4 visa holders can work part-time jobs after getting permission from their institution. But, first, they have to apply for a part-time job permit from the immigration office in their area before the school permits them.

For more information, kindly check the Employment Guidelines for International Students in Korea.

Can international students be retained behind after graduation?

Yes, you can, but there is a procedure to it. After graduating, you will have to change your visa to a D-10 (Job-Seeking Visa) to get employed. You should know that you will stop working part-time after graduating with your D – 2 or D – 4 visa.  And, this D-10 visa is only valid for six months. After which, you can upgrade it to an E-7 or Specific-Job Visa good for two years.

If you desire to work in the academic setting of Korea, you will need an E-1 to E-6 visa. This  E-1 to E-6 visa is required for those that want to work as: professors, researchers, technical or foreign language instructor, professional, artist, athlete, or a field designated by the Minister of Justice.

For more detailed information on this, kindly go to the Korean Employment Guidelines for international students.


I hope this article on the colleges in Korea for international students was helpful and exciting.

From the information above, you can see that the acceptance rate of international students into Korean universities is quite fair. So with this knowledge you have gotten, your chances of securing ad admission into any of the Korean universities significantly increased, and you can even bag a scholarship.

The truth is, the more information you have, the better your chances are to study in Korea. So, here are some posts that you should look at to increase your chances of studying in Korea, and even better, with scholarships!


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