Early Decision Notification Dates (2023 – 2024 Admission Cycle) for Class of 2026

Here are early admissions decision notification dates for the upcoming Class of 2026.

Your college admissions season is almost over for many of you (and there is light at the end of the tunnel, we promise). Early admissions decisions are the next big thing to come up!

Early application displays your genuine interest in the school. It demonstrates that you are committed to attending that college or university—or, at the very least, that it is one of your top choices. Plus, you’re competing against a smaller pool of candidates.

Another advantage of applying early is that you’ll know whether or not you’ve been accepted to your top choice(s) early on. This alleviates the stress and anxiety that comes with waiting and allows you to focus on your college preparations. You’ll also have a head start on locating housing, budgeting, and stocking up on supplies for your future education.

Early Decision / Early Action Notification Date for Class of 2026

SchoolEarly Decision I Notification DateEarly Action Notification DateEarly Decision II Notification Date
American UniversityDecember 31 February 15
Amherst CollegeEarly to Mid-December  
Babson CollegeMid-December January 1Mid-February
Barnard CollegeMid-December  
Bates CollegeDecember 11 February 15
Baylor UniversityDecember 15January 15March 1
Bentley UniversityJanuary 20 February 20
Boston CollegeDecember 2 February 15
Boston UniversityDecember 15 February 15
Bowdoin CollegeMid-December Mid-February
Brandeis UniversityDecember 15 February 1
Brown UniversityDecember 16  
Cal Tech Mid-December 
Carleton CollegeDecember 15  
Carnegie Mellon UniversityDecember 11 at 6am February 1
Case Western UniversityDecember 4December 21Beginning January 9
Chapman UniversityDecember 15December 15 
Clark UniversityLate DecemberMid-JanuaryEarly February
Clemson University Mid-February 
Colgate UniversityMid-December Late February
Columbia UniversityMid-December  
Cooper UnionLate December  
Cornell UniversityDecember 13  
Dartmouth CollegeMid-December  
Davidson CollegeDecember 15 February 1
Duke UniversityDecember 16  
Elon UniversityDecember 1 December 20 
Emerson CollegeMid-DecemberMid-DecemberFebruary 1
Emory UniversityDecember 15 @6pm ET February 15
Fordham UniversityDecember 20 December 20 
George Mason University December 15 
George Washington UniversityDecember 13 @9am EST Late-February
Georgetown University December 13 @7pm EST 
Georgia Tech December 11 
Hamilton CollegeDecember 15 February 15
Harvard University Mid-December 
Harvey MuddDecember 15 February 15
Haverford CollegeDecember 10 February 15
Hofstra University December 15(EA 2: January 15) 
Indiana University Bloomington January 15 
Johns Hopkins UniversityDecember 10 February 12
Lafayette CollegeDecember 15 February 15
Lehigh UniversityDecember 15 Mid-February
MIT December 18 @3:14pm 
Middlebury CollegeMid-December Mid-February
Mount Holyoke CollegeLate December Late January
New York University (NYU)December 15 February 16
Northeastern UniversityDecember 8February 1February 15
Northwestern UniversityDecember 17  
Oberlin CollegeDecember 15 @7pm EST February 1
Occidental CollegeDecember 15 February 20
Pomona CollegeDecember 15 February 15
Princeton University Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) Decision Notification on December 16 
Purdue University January 15 
Rice UniversityDecember 9  
Rutgers University January 31 
Santa Clara UniversityDecember 15December 15Mid-February
Stanford University December 15 
Suffolk University TBA 
Swarthmore CollegeDecember 14 @7pm ET  
Tufts UniversityMid-December Mid-February
Tulane UniversityNovember 22 @4pm CSTDecember 20 @4pm CSTJanuary 31
University of ChicagoDecember 17December 17Mid-February
University of Georgia Before December 1 (for GA resident) 
University of Illinois at Chicago December 1 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) TBA 
University of Massachusettes December 15 
University of MiamiLate DecemberLate January/Early FebruaryLate February
University of Michigan Late January 
University of North Carolina (UNC) January 31 
University of Notre Dame Mid-December 
University of PennsylvaniaDecember 16  
University of RichmondDecember 15January 25February 15
University of RochesterMid-December Early-February
University of San FranciscoMid-DecemberMid-December 
University of South Carolina December 13 
University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) February 1 
University of Wisconsin-Madison January 31 
University of Vermont Late December 
University of VirginiaDecember 10 at 5pm ESTTBA 
Vanderbilt UniversityJanuary 15 TBA
Villanova UniversityDecember 15January 15March 1
Virginia TechMid-DecemberLate February 
Washington & Lee UniversityDecember 15 @8pm EST Late-January
Washington University in St. Louis (Wustl)TBA TBA
Wellesley CollegeMid-December Mid-February
Wesleyan UniversityMid-December Mid-February
William & MaryEarly December Early February
Williams CollegeTBA  
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteDecember 15January 15February 15
Yale University Mid-December 

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