FULOKOJA Cut Off Mark 2023/2024 (Jamb & Departmental)

Are you done with your WAEC as a student or with your Jamb, and you score above or below 170? It’s high time you know about the Cut off mark for FULOKOJA if you choose FULOKOJA as your first choice. FULOKOJA Aggregate cut-off mark & FULOKOJA Cut Off mark for all courses is in this blog article now, so make sure you read this guide.


FULOKOJA is one of the best Federal University in Nigeria; the Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) has existed since 2011. If you choose FULOKOJA as your 1st choice of University , this article is for you. In this article, I will emphasize FULOKOJA Cut off mark for UTME, Post UTME & Direct Entry Students, how the Jamb cut-off mark for FULOKOJA is calculated, and how Post UTME is calculated.

FULOKOJA has some requirements before you can gain admission into the Federal University. One of the critical requirements is a cut-off mark for all courses and an Aggregate departmental Cut off-mark for all courses. Please note that this article is only for FULOKOJA applicants who choose them as his/her first choice of University; otherwise, go for a change of institution if you choose FULOKOJA as the Second or third choice of institution.

What is FULOKOJA Cut-Off Mark

As an applicant of Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA), you must know what Cut off mark is and how to check if you passed the Aggregate Cut off mark for FULOKOJA.

FULOKOJA Cut off mark is the total point score you must score in Jamb to gain admission into the institution. After that, the only process remaining to secure admission is Post UTME or Screening.

FULOKOJA Cut Off Mark For 2023/2024

The Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) 2023/2024 Cut off Mark is 170 for all courses, and FULOKOJA Departmental Cut off Mark for all courses is 30; note; note that if you pass this Cut-off mark, it’s one of the factors required for gaining admission to the Federal University Lokoja and that doesn’t secure your admission if you don’t have Good standing Waec or Neco result.

The Utme candidate who chooses FULOKOJA’s first choice of institutions must not have more than two (2) sittings in his/her O’Level.

It is essential to know how FULOKOJA calculates their post-Utme or Screening results before you proceed to leave this post; I will write about how FULOKOJA Calculates Post Utme & Utme for admission into any department.

What is FULOKOJA Post UTME Cut off mark?

FULOKOJA Post UTME Cut Off mark is 50% and above in most of the art departments and 60% above in the science department as the Federal University Lokoja is a competitive institution they have required students they will admit for the session 2023/2024.

How FULOKOJA Aggregates/Screening is Calculated

For the Jamb candidates who chose FULOKOJA as their first choice of institutions and pass the Jamb Cut off mark for FULOKOJA 170 and above, it is compulsory to know how the Aggregate and Screening are calculated to gain admission into the institution.

How is post-UTME score calculated in FULOKOJA?

In FULOKOJA, after you pass the Jamb cut-off mark, which is 170, you will need to do Post-UTME, or Screening will be coFULOKOJActed with your O’Level results. The post-UTME requires answering 50 CBT questions from the Federal University Lokoja. 

The Post UTME Questions is 50 and is calculated like this; If the candidate scores 34 out of 50 Questions, the 34 will be divided by 50 and multiplied by 30, which means the candidate gets 20.4% out of their overall score, which is 30%. A score of 20 will help you secure admission into FULOKOJA.

Ensure your Waec results are good, too, since it is one of the factors to secure admission into the institution.

Requirements for admission to FULOKOJA

After you have passed the Federal University Lokoja Jamb cut-off mark, which is 170, you must note that school authorities will ask for all these requirements. These requirements are listed below;

  • Date of Birth
  • Original Jamb Results 
  • Original State of Origin 
  • Must have a good point in 7 out of 9 Waec subjects and make sure those subjects are essential, inFULOKOJAding English and maths
  • It would be best if you chose FULOKOJA as your first choice of institution.

These listed requirements are very critical, and you need to take note of them before you choose FULOKOJA as an institution of your choice to study.


How much is the school fees for Federal University Lokoja?

The current school fees for Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) is ₦65,000 for returning students, while for the Freshers students, the school fees are ₦45,000; the school fees of a fresher student are high because he/she is new to the school and some expenses are being added.

Does FULOKOJA accept second choice?

FULOKOJA does not accept the second choice, and if you are a candidate of Jamb who want to study in the Federal University Lokoja and you choose them as a second choice, you are advised to go and make some change to institutions to add them back as your first choice.

How many students does FULOKOJA admit yearly?

The Federal University Lokoja accept 3,750 students per Academic session, and these 3,750 are those students who choose them as the first choice of institutions in this session 2023/2024, the exact amount will be admitted.

How old is Federal University Lokoja?

Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) was 12 years old in 2023, and the Federal University was created in 2011 to serve many students in Lokoja.

How Many Faculties and Departments in FULOKOJA?

Presently, she has more than 6 faculties and over 34 departments. These faculties include the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Management and Social Sciences, Applied Sciences and Technology, Education and Arts, Agriculture, Languages and Communication Studies, College of Health Sciences


In conclusion, as an aspirant of FULOKOJA, you must know the institution’s Jamb cut-off mark and the post-UTME cut-off mark of FULOKOJA to know if you are on the right track to secure admission into the Federal University Lokoja. In this article, I have explored how the post UTME and Jamb cut-off mark is being calculated, and that is all you need to secure admission into the institution.

Thank you for reading this article. If you find it helpful and it solves your answer, kindly drop a comment!

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