Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship 2023 | Eligibility, Easy Application Process And Award Amount

You have probably heard and applied for a whole lot of scholarships but have been faced with one or two disappointments. Here is another opportunity, and hopefully, you bag it this time. Good luck!!

This scholarship program was named after Gen and Kelly Tanabe, record-breaking writers of up to 11 books on scholarship and admission. They both joined funds together to support undergraduates in sorting their fees. 

Both Gen and Kelly traveled through the United States of America, teaching people the importance of college planning. Together, they have won over $100,000 merit-based scholarships and graduated from the University of Harvard without debt. 

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship was first awarded in 2001; since then, the scholarship has supported numerous students to pay for college or graduate school.

Both founders understand the challenges associated with schooling, especially college and university education. That’s why they launched this program to help in the best way they can. Their books were and are still impactful, but their scholarship is the best. 

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If you are eligible for the scholarship award, you will have access to massive funds every spring and fall semester. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship program does not require a particular GPA or SAT score; all you need to do is to be able to give precise details about your academic plans and records.

The selection committee will look out for the quality in your statement when deciding who to choose. Also, you must submit your application on or before July 31st and register in a college or university within 12 months.

A considerable number of students apply for the scholarship program every year. For this reason, only the winners will be notified. You will receive the notifications through email or postal mail. 

Eligible Level and Field of Study

If you are in the 9th-12th grade high school or college, or an adult student, this award is for you.

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship allows you to study any course of your choice; the University offers that course so far. Also, you can attend any college or university in the United States of America.

Eligible Countries

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is for citizens of the United States and are currently in school or are planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in the next year.

Scholarship Value

The winner of the scholarship will be awarded a sum of up to $1000, which can be used to cover your tuition fees, board, accommodation, books, and any other education-related expenses. 

You should note that the scholarship is not renewable.

Eligibility Requirements for the Scholarship

There are specific requirements you need to meet to be qualified for this scholarship award. To be eligible, you must;

  • Be a resident of the United States of America by law.
  • Be in the 9th-12th grade high school or college. You are also eligible if you are an adult student.
  • You must be in school by the time you apply or must be planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in the next year.
  • Submit your essay and application form on or before the deadline.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

First of all, the scholarship program does not require any age limit. You will apply online and complete every process online (scholarship website). Your application must include an essay of not more than 250 words on a topic of your choice.

To apply for the Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship program, you need to follow the steps listed below;

  • Carefully fill the application form on
  • Enter your statement.


  • Your application and registration are free. However, the Gen and Kelly scholarship body is not responsible for any error, technical issues, data loss, deletion, omission, and any other matter that may arise during registration.
  • Any entry that’s noticed to be full of errors and invalid information will be disqualified.
  • Then and Kelly scholarship details, including the price of the awards, deadline, and dates, may be changed or modified at any time.
  • If you win the scholarship but cannot be contacted after seven days, you may lose the scholarship.
  • The scholarship body can disqualify you for any reason.
  • Any tax, whether federal, state, or local, that is associated with the use of your scholarship funds is solely your responsibility.
  • Your scholarship funds will be tax-free if you meet every IRS requirement.
  • If you decide not to accept the scholarship award, another winner will be selected.

The Scholarship Status and Deadline

You must submit your application on or before the deadline. After two months of the application closing date, winners will be notified through email or mail.

The fall competition is still ON and will end at midnight on December 31st, 2023.

The spring competition is closed and is currently being evaluated. 

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Tips on How to Find More Scholarship Programs

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship people-two-people-business-working-technology-person-laptop-electronic-computer-work-work-student 1

  • When it comes to finding a scholarship program, the first and best place to start is the online space. Surf the Internet for more as long as it’s free.
  • Purchase or borrow scholarship books. Reading scholarship books will give you an essential lead about the program. Read books that will provide you with detailed information about the awards, level of study, criteria, and so on. “The ultimate scholarship book” by Gen and Kelly is an excellent place to start from.
  • Get information about scholarships from your counselor or campus representative. If you are still in high school, fix a meeting with your counselor and ask about scholarships that you may qualify for. Before the meeting, think about your talents or unique traits that will make you are eligible for the awards.

If you are in college, seek advice from your financial officer concerning any possible scholarship program that you may apply for. Before the meeting, think about your interests and unique talents that may make you qualify for the scholarship.

Also, talk about your family circumstances about finance.

  • Monitor local and international businesses. Many companies do decide to compensate their customers with scholarship awards; in other not to miss out, keep an eye on them. You can contact the chamber of commerce for the list of top businesses organizations in your area.
  • Connect with professional associations which relate to your future career. For every profession, there is always an association; for instance, we can have The Association of Medical Doctors, the Association of Pilots, etc. Most of these associations are not just created for creating sake; most are designed to encourage young professionals. One of the ways they encourage young professionals is to give grants and scholarships. Join associations like this, and you will find more opportunities.
  • Check the famous newspaper in your area. Most newspapers announce winners of different scholarships and write about trending scholarships; check them out for more information. Also, you can visit the library for back issues of the newspaper.
  • Use your free time and extracurricular activities as a scholarship lead. For instance, if you are a dancer or a saxophonist, you can contact your band leader Thereabout scholarships and grants offered by top music bands and crews.

Ask your church or fellowship leaders for scholarship programs available to church members in the local area and even district.

  • Community organizations and civic groups are places you can search for scholarships. Have you ever wondered why these organizations launch many fundraisers? They do this because they have much cake to share, one of which is scholarship. The good news is that you don’t need to be a member to be qualified for any of their scholarship programs.
  • You can also request a scholarship list from your college. There are colleges in which their alumni sponsor scholarship awards for current students. Also, you may use your application profile for a particular college to determine whether you are eligible for a scholarship award or not.
  • If you are a sports fan, famous football clubs appreciate their loyal fans with grants and scholarships; look out for all this vital information on an excellent lead concerning scholarships around you.
  • If you are an employee, speak with your employers to know if there is an academic scholarship program that you may apply for. For instance, there is a scholarship program funded by McDonald’s; it was organized mainly to appreciate and support its student-employees academic funding.
  • Lastly, you should understand that you can’t do this alone. You need people from every area to keep you updated when it comes to scholarships.

Don’t make the mistake of keeping to yourself, probably by thinking you have gotten information that no one else has; it will only cost you a lot of money and wasted effort.

Share information to get more information, share resources to get more help. Work with others; this will keep you motivated during the process.


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