Harvard Law School Tuition Fees Schedule 2023

What you need to know about Harvard Law School Tuition Fees Schedule 2023.

By and large, Harvard University remains one of the best educational establishments in the world. This award of excellence is based on the quality of education the school parades and also due to its consistency.

Nevertheless, Harvard law school is a stronghold in the school’s divisional set up. It is one of the most sought-after in the United States hence, admission competition is effectively strong.

However, if you’re worthy enough and eventually get admitted to this law school, then you’ll be needing some information in handy and one of them is the tuition fee schedule.

Read on for more information about Harvard Law School Tuition Fees Schedule 2023.

Tuition Fees at Harvard Law School 2023

In reality, Harvard Law School is far from being referred to as “cheap”. This education service provider is one of the most expensive universities in the United States given its incredible tuition charges.

Nonetheless, the following are the tuition fees and other charges at Harvard Law School in 2023:

Tuition fee for an academic year is pegged at $67,720. More so, tuition is not the only charge involved in attending Harvard Law School – Room, Pension and Personal Loans & Grants are also involved. For the three combined, one need to pay $27,923 per year.

Moreover, HUHS Compulsory Student Health Fee is charged $1,242 while Harvard University Student Health Insurance Program (HUHSP) Cheap Fee is values at $4,040.

For books & grants, $1,600 and a few additional grant is charged.

However, further note that a typical financial plan for students with a partner or prospective children requires at least an additional $15,600 for daily expenses per partner and at least $ 8,400 per adolescent.

Additionally, looking at the average salary of a U.S. attorney ($ 144,230), it will take you about 4 years to get the amount you spent at Harvard University.

But you may ask: is it worth it? Of course, legal counsels receive three times the normal annual compensation for all work in the United States and are also highly regarded in the public sphere.

Harvard Law School Financial Guide

Harvard Law School provides financial support for undergraduate and graduate studies.  You can apply for a grant and a loan, just in advance, or the grant depends on your financial needs.

Financial guidance grants are highly dependent on the financial needs of the candidate.  Things like GPA, profession, citizenship, n.k. are not counted in the process 

The grant covers approximately part of your education expenses ($ 67,720) and means you must track additional expenses from various sources of property.  The average grant for 2021 was $ 33,000, while the standard loan was $ 21,500.

To get financial support from Harvard, you need to fill out a web-based financial guidance request on their website.  Applying for a cash loan will not affect your verification request

Will One Be Able To Get A Full Grant For Harvard Law?

Well, the answer is a big No – you will not get the full Harvard Law School funding in 2022.

The reason for this is because If they acknowledge that they have provided full scholarships, it will reduce the amount of money saved for the 2022 financial guide and expand the volunteer burden of needy students.

Although you will not be able to get a full grant, your cash guide plan will cover some of the participation.  It does not prevent you from sending grant applications from abroad.

Does Harvard Act Provide Good Financial Guidance?

In fact, Harvard Law School provides excellent financial guidance.

This program provides financial guidance for students based on financial needs, not and not on academic grounds. So this means that if you’re from a middle class family, you’ll be getting financial assistance from Harvard law school based on your family’s income.

Moreover, HLS determines this financial needs by evaluating research assets and your family.


Studying in Harvard Law school is not cheap but expensive. Tuition fees remains one of the must-check criteria when applying for a school – and this is understandably so, given the fact that students comes from different family backgrounds with corresponding varying income earnings.

Hence, if you’re planning on studying in the law school, then you’ll need to know its tuition fee. This post deals on the Harvard Law School’s fee schedule and the availability financial aid offers available.

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