Harvard Scholarships 2023: All Important Information You Need

Hi scholar, are you looking for the different types of Harvard scholarships and ways of applying them? After careful research, I have developed a comprehensive list of the various Harvard scholarships and other important information you need to know as a Harvard University applicant.

Before going further, let’s take a little tour of the university.

Harvard Scholarship: All Important Information You Need

About Harvard

Harvard is the oldest and best institution in the United States, established in 1636. It was named after a puritan priest, “John Harvard,” who donated his books and half of its estate to the university.

Currently, Harvard is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is included in private Ivy League universities. It is regarded as one of the most expensive in the United States.

Harvard consist of 10 academic faculties that offer 50 undergraduates courses, 134 graduate courses and 32 professional degrees. The ten academic faculties include; Harvard College, followed by the Schools of Medicine, Government, and Engineering & Applied Sciences Divinity, Law, Design, Education, Dental Medicine, Arts & Science, Business, Extension (Liberal Arts & Professional Courses), Public Health.

Additionally, Harvard is one school that gives you international recognition as a student. It will interest you to know that Harvard has produced 79 Nobel laureates, 8 U.S. presidents and a couple of billionaires. As such, Harvard has the world’s largest endowment at $41.9 billion. As such, the tuition fee is very high both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Harvard University Rankings

The World University Rankings has ranked Harvard University the 3rd best university on the earth. Also, it is ranked the No 1 University in the U.S.

U.S. News ranked Harvard as No 1 in the United States and No. 2 worldwide. It is also regarded as the best value school in the U.S.

Also, Top Universities rank Harvard No 3 in the world. On a subject basis, it is ranked first in the majority of the fields: Biological Science, Business & Management, Environmental Science, History, Law & Legal Studies, and Modern Languages, Life Sciences & Medicine, Accounting & Finance.

Furthermore, it is ranked No. 2 in Clinical & Health Science, 4th in the Social Sciences, 5th and 6th for Arts & Humanities and Physical Science.

What is Harvard University Acceptance Rate?

The university has an acceptance rate of 5%. Out of this quota, International students make up 11.8%, according to the report from Harvard research statistics.

Harvard University Scholarships for International Students

Below are the different classes of Harvard scholarships available for international Harvard applicants.

Undergraduate Harvard Scholarships

  1. Financial Aid

This scholarship is solely given based on 100% demonstrated need. Qualified international students can apply for the Harvard financial aid, which covers your cost of study fully.

Harvard selects candidates for the scholarship by estimating the parent contributions based on their needs levels. This scholarship can be in the form of a student award or through factoring by employment. Students that are left by this will be covered by a grant-based scholarship that needs no repayment.

Also, Alumina donates to the school in the form of grants that covers tuition fee of qualified international students. For example, the $150 million endowments given by alumnus Ken Griffin cover-up for students in the Faculty of Arts and sciences.

  1. Outside Awards

Outside awards are one of Harvard scholarships that vary in funds, and it is funded by schools, parental employers, civil organizations, and corporations.

All these funds are collected from these various aspects and reported to the university. This will then be incorporated into the total amount of financial aid the student will receive.

Outside awards can replace a part term-time job or equate your tuition fee for a Harvard University scholarship.

Graduate Harvard Scholarships

  1. Financial Support for PhD. Students]

This Harvard Scholarship covers your total tuition and living expenses, and it is reserved for specific departments, such as the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. It is also reserved for full-time resident doctorate students.

Also, this Harvard scholarship for international students, apart from the tuition fee, considers your basic living expenses and health insurance for five years.

This type of Harvard Scholarship also covers your stipends, teaching fellowships, traineeships, and research assistantships.

This scholarship is given at the time of admission, and it needs to be reactivated every spring for its continuity.  And this scholarship is dependent on the progress of the student.

  1. Teaching Assistantships/Research Assistantships

This scholarship is mainly for the Master’s and PhD students, and it covers your tuition fee and living expenses fully. Teaching assistantships and research assistantships are one great way for graduate students to enjoy full scholarships. So this is an excellent way for international postgraduate students to study without having to worry about money.

  1. Saul Saentz Fellowships

The Saul Saentz fellowship is part of the Harvard Scholarships that provide a partial scholarship to exceptional full-time international students who are currently or wants to enrol in a Master’s or Doctorate in Early Childhood Education.

As an awardee of this Harvard University scholarship, you are evaluated according to work experience (the number of the year, paid or voluntary basis and nature of the work whether you are a policymaker, government employee, practitioner, or researcher.

However, this scholarship is a merit-based award, but preference is given to participants with dire financial needs.

Furthermore, as a Saul Saentz fellow, you are also expected to participate in mentoring programs or extra-curricular activities.

Note that graduate scholarships are available to people of all nationalities. For more information, kindly click here.

Harvard University Tuition Fee

Harvard Scholarship: All Important Information You Need

The Harvard tuition fee for international undergraduate students is estimated to be $49,563. Other expenses to be incurred include:

  • Student health fee of $1,206
  • Health insurance plan of students of $3,922
  • Accommodation of $11,364
  • Student services fee of $3,109
  • On-campus Accommodation fee of $7,025
  • Student activities fee including on-campus club membership of $200

While the tuition fee for both Internationals Masters and PhD students is $49,448 for the first two years of study. While for the third and fourth years, it is reduced to $12,858. This includes miscellaneous fees for graduate students with a facilities fee of $3,272, an active file fee of $300, and a student health plan of $1,206, including an additional $3,922 for supplemental coverage.

Harvard University Application Fee

The Harvard College application fee is slated at $85. You can pay it through the U.S. bank Cheque or online through the Common, Coalition, or Universal application system.

However, Harvard offers a fee waiver to international undergraduate students who cannot afford the fee, likewise the graduate students. They, too, enjoy some form of waiver. Also, the application of Harvard Graduate School is $105, which is very expensive.

You should note that this application fee is non-refundable

What are the Admissions Requirements for International Students at Harvard University?

Before you get awarded a scholarship, you must meet up the admission requirements first. Check out the requirements below:

For undergraduate applicants:

  • Completed application form
  • High school transcripts (must be in English)
  • Standardized test results; SAT or ACT
  • Proof of English proficiency; IELTS or TOEFL
  • Midyear school report,
  • Academic references
  • Final school report
  • Additional materials such as documents, articles, images, or videos

For Graduate applicants:

  • Completed application form
  • Certificate of bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Academic Transcript of records
  • English proficiency test results.
  • Standardized test results (GRE or GMAT)
  • Reference letters
  • Statement of purpose
  • Essay (as needed)

Harvard University Application Procedure

For undergraduate applicants, you are required to submit the Common Application together with relevant financial forms as stated by the university.

For more information on this, please visit, How to Apply –  Page of Harvard University.

For graduate applicants, after getting the necessary documents, you need to find the graduate school you are interested in and submit your application. It is advised you apply to more than one graduate school to boost your chances after getting the graduate schools to go to their websites and submit your applications. Find the website, and apply. For further information on this, visit the graduate application portal.

International Admissions Guide

As an international student looking for valid and detailed information on the admission guidelines, I will advise you to visit the official arm of the university that is charged with it. Click here.

What is the rate of International Students at Harvard University?

Currently, Harvard has a student population of 21,261, of which about 25% of the people are international students.

In addition to providing an arm to the global society, it offers assistance regarding student, scholarship, and student visa services. It went further to helping the students’ dependents get their needed visas.


I hope you find this article on Harvard Scholarship very interesting and helpful. For more educating posts, do follow up on our blog.

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