Law Schools in Boston – List, Ranking, and How to Get In

Law is arguably the most respected career of all time. Lawyers are given the esteem which most professions fail to get and this can partly be the reason why the program is highly sought-after. 

But the quality of law education of an academic establishment is as important as its reputation hence potential legal practitioners can agree that the type of law school is very important. 

To become a successful lawyer, the first step is to hunt for a reputable law school. This school offers students a whole lot of benefits including rigorous coursework and clinical programs. 

While the United States is one of the best destinations in the world to study law,  Boston is one of its leading cities in that aspect. This booming geographical area is home to six (6) spectacular law schools that are well-regarded due to their excellent education and successful alumni – many of which have secured jobs with many legal business establishments. 

Thus, none of these educational establishments lag in what is currently trending in the law arena. So, are you a potential law student? Do you wish to know the best law schools in Boston and how to get in? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then listed below are the best law schools in Boston…

  1. Harvard Law School
  2. Boston University Law School
  3. Boston College Law School 
  4. Northeastern University School of Law
  5. Suffolk University Law School 
  6. New England School of Law

6. New England School of Law 

Kicking off our list of law schools in Boston – list, ranking, and how to get in is the New England School of Law. This highly-rated educational establishment is an ideal law school that ranks particularly well in women’s education and this is according to Princeton Review.

The school is home to a pronounced faculty with members having garnered years of experience in the field. Students learn from these industry professionals in a classroom setting with a little faculty-to-student ratio. This encourages personalized education and also spurs scholars to advance both in research and practice. 

This prestigious law school is also home to rigorous, comprehensive, and intensive coursework hence its academic challenge is top-notch. Even so, potential legal practitioners have access to many career-defining opportunities to get law placements. This is achieved by programs like Real Estate Practicum, International Human Rights Clinics, Family Law Mediation Clinic, and Elder Law Clinics.

5. Suffolk University Law School 

Coming in next on the list, Suffolk University Law school is one of the best of its kind in Boston. Established in 1906, the prestigious academic institution offers a law program that spans decades of years. 

This large university is located in the downtown area of Suffolk, Boston hence it offers students the opportunities to do internships with a wide range of legal establishments. Even so, aside from the school’s affiliation with many clinics, it is also home to the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service.

This center has lots of beneficial unions and fellowships for upcoming legal professionals. For International integration and global studying awareness, the prestige law university has several programs to study abroad at Lund University in Sweden.

The law school is also ideal for those who would to get employment after graduation. According to many, the faculty members are well-connected and grounded and wouldn’t waste time when recommending a student. In short, 84% of its law students are employed within less than a year upon graduation.

4. Northeastern University School of Law 

Coming in among the four in the list of the law schools in Boston – list, ranking, and how to get in Northeastern University School of Law is a one-of-a-kind school. This prestigious university has a very high bar pass rate of 90% – more than that of other law schools. 

More so the prestigious American learning institution does particularly well in Public Interest Law. This is a result of its excellent Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration, abbreviated as CPIAC. This Centre is known for offering a strong and well-rounded social justice education.

Even so, potential law students at the Northeastern University School of Law are taught via hands-on experience through co-ops. This co-op is like an internship program that allows students to enroll in a job – doing it full-time for a whole semester. 

With this kind of training opportunity, students gain enough experience and encounter a replica of what they are to face in the real world.

3. Boston College Law School 

Boston College Law School is a stellar American educational establishment that is known as one of the city’s best law schools. Even so, according to the latest statistics from the US News & World Report, the school offers the 31st best law program in terms of education quality.

Starting its academic journey in 1929, the school has experienced constant growth and today has placed itself in parity with some of the city’s elite institutions. With the total population of law students drifting towards 1k, the school is home to well-regarded faculty members who have garnered years of experience in the field.

Hence, it is quite obvious why the school has one of the highest numbers of law practitioners working with law firms in the United States.

Additionally, scholars are free to choose from any of the law programs:-

  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Business law
  • Public Interest law
  • Human Rights law
  • Social Justice

2. Boston University Law School

Missing the top spot, Boston University Law School is the second-best law school in Boston. As one of the oldest educational establishments in the city, the school is a reflection of the adage that says: “the older the better.” 

This prestigious American University is home to a qualitative law program that is ranked as the 20th best according to the 

U.S. News & World Report. Not only has the U.S. News & World Report ranked the Boston University Law School high, but the school also is not a visitor in the list of “Best Professors” and “Best Classroom Experience” by Princeton Review.

Even so, this popular law school offers rigorous, comprehensive, and intensive coursework that is handled by prominent legal prosecutors with years of experience. 

The school also uses a practical approach to education and students have access to many resources and legal seminars organized by top industry experts. Students are also “no stranger” to clinical experience as they are introduced to the program in their 2nd and 3rd year of studies.

In addition to this, the school has a bar passage rate of 92.8%, which is 10.9% higher than the national passing average. Upon graduation, scholars can apply for a job or continue and upgrade their knowledge in the field. 

1. Harvard Law School

Known as a premier school, Harvard Law School is the best of its kind in Boston. The prestigious institution is among the “T14” law schools, a group of the world’s best legal education service providers. 

Harvard is more likely the most popular school brand in the world and it has produced plenty of successful alumni across all fields including law. Established in 1817, the school is the only surviving law school after the disastrous civil law – as the likes of William & Mary Law School and the University of Maryland are no longer in existence.

More so, the school is home to a standard faculty with members having garnered years of experience in the legal arena. Scholars are also graded using a modernized system with the hierarchy being the distinction of honors (the highest), 

pass, low pass, and fail. 

Even so, the school is also home to around 100 organizations which is an avenue for students to get involved and learn collectively. The school also has a student magazine which is the oldest of its kind in the country. 

Harvard law school also has the highest national bar pass rate in law – in 2019, 99% of its law students passed the exams with seamless ease. 

With this and more, this law school leads others in Boston and the globe at large.

How to Get Into Law Schools in Boston – Tips for Admission

The law schools in Boston are very competitive hence gaining admission is easier said than done. Here is what you need to have to improve your chance:-

  • Ensure to have an LSAT Score above 170 if you intend on attending Harvard Law School. Other than that, 160 and above is quite good for the rest.  
  • You are required to get Letters of Recommendation from any trusted personnel. This can be from your lecturer, spiritual leader, or boss among others.
  • You are required to complete your BA degree before applying to a law school in Boston. Do well to secure a GPA of 3.5 GPA as this is the barest minimum.
  • Do well to send your transcripts across to the colleges on your wishlist. Each usually costs between $10 to $20.
  • And lastly, write a personal statement. Do well to express yourself in full – telling the school why you want to study in the program.


That was all on law schools in Boston – list, ranking, and how to get in. Hope it helps.

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