Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements

Mount Royal College is among the prestigious universities in Canada. 

This educational establishment is located in the city of alta which is perhaps one of the students’ hotspots in the country.

This long-standing school is home to a variety of undergraduate degree programs. 

This is coupled with other degree certification – marked by excellent education quality. 

The prestigious school also boost of highly trained and qualified tutors with year’s of professional experience.

Moreover, the student-to-faculty ratio is small hence classes are customised and tailored to meet the needs of the students. 

Over crowded classes is a distant dream and scholars have the chance to get into a personal-professional kind of relationship with their lectures.

This way, students are given insights on key industry trends and professionally drillen to succeed.

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  • Mount Royal College is a long-standing that was established in 1910
  • The prestigious Canadian university offers excellence undergraduate degree program
  • In addition to the bachelor program, the renounced college also offers diploma programs
  • The school is well-linked and connected. The five faculty are networked to achieve academic flexibility
  • Mount Royal College operates with a small class population where the ratio of the student-to-lecturer is low
  • The Canadian university promote research and has lots of opportunities for students to avail themselves in.
  • There is an emphasis on practicals as the educational establishment has state-of-the-art facility
  • Mount Royal University believes that students should serve the residents of the host society positively. Hence, it prioritise community service
  • Ethics and values are part and vital components of the school’s vision. This can be attested to through its strong social and ethical education 
  • The school has an excellent career advising track hence students stands more chance of getting job placement after graduation
  • The notorious academic establishment is located and set in a Multinational environment.

Acceptance Rate 

Acceptance rate can be seen as the criterion or the measure of how easy it is for a candidate to gain admission to study a chosen field of disciple in a particular school. 

This factor is very significant when intending on applying for admission into any educational establishment.

The Mount Royal College is an elite education service provider that comes with a relatively easy admission requirements. 

This prestigious educational institute has an acceptance rate of 80%. 

This is high and as a result, students seeking to get admitted into this school are known to suffer from little to hurdle.

Nonetheless, the school’s admission provision are a bit tasky but with a high acceptance rate such as this, the odds of getting admitted is still favourable.

Mount Royal College: Tuition 

Mount Royal College is one of the schools in Canada that charges students tuition fee in addition with its equivalent compulsory fees. 

The fees are the same irrespective of whether the scholar is a Canadian or international student.

More so, the school has two academic calendar which falls under fall and winter. 

Fall dues are usually collected in September while that of winter are left till January.

Here is a breakdown of the tuition fee for this prestigious educational establishment;

  1. Tuition fee: The approved general tuition fee for scholars of Mount Royal College is $7,500
  2. Books and Supplies: The charges for books and supplies is necessary and made compulsory by the school’s authority. This is charged at a flat rate of $1500 irrespective of whether the student is on-campus or off-campus.
  3. Residence: This fee is paid by all scholars including International students. It usually range from $6,110 – $8,656
  4. Clothing Expenses: Clothing and personal expenditures is not compulsory. However the estimated score for one student is$1,100
  5. Entertainment: charges for entertainment     is pegged at $600

Note: Students are charged based on the number credits which is determined by the number of courses they do. 

The only set of students charged per course are the ones on occupational program.

Others are charged based on credit and the data are given below:

  • ¼ number of courses containing 1 or less credits is charged with $316.62.
  • ½ number of courses containing 1.5 credits is charged with $446.94
  • A course parading between the range of 2 to 5 credits charges $707.59
  • 2 courses with around 6 to 7 worth of credits is charged $1,228.89
  • 3 courses containing around 8 to 10 credits is charged $2,245.47
  • 4 courses having a total credit between 11 to 14 is charged with $2,766.77
  • 5 courses parading a total of 15 complete credits is charged with $3,288.07

Academic Programs/Courses

  • Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology
  • Bachelor of Arts English
  • Bachelor of Arts – History
  • Bachelor of Arts – Policy Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – General Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration –  Supply Chain Management 
  • Bachelor of Child Studies: Child and Youth Care Counsellor, 
  • Bachelor of Child Studies: Early Learning and Child Care
  • Bachelor of Communication – Broadcast Media Studies    Fall
  • Bachelor of Communication – Information Design
  • Bachelor of Communication – Journalism and Digital Media
  • Bachelor of Communication – Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education:
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership
  • Physical Literacy
  • Sport and Recreation Management   
  • Bachelor of Interior Design   
  • Bachelor of Midwifery       
  • Bachelor of Nursing   
  • Bachelor of Science:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • General Science
  • Geology
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • Aviation   
  • Social Work       
  • Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing – Post Diploma Certificate 
  • Athletic Therapy – Post Bachelor’s Certificate   
  • Bridge to Canadian Nursing – Certificate of Achievement
  • Business Administration – Advanced Accounting – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Business Administration – Human Resources – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Business Administration – Marketing – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • International Pathway Program (applicants from outside of Canada/US)
  • English Language Program (EAL, LEAP)
  • Occupational Diplomas and Certificates
  • Program   
  • Embalmer Certificate – Credit-free
  • Funeral Director Certificate – Credit-free
  • Funeral Service Diploma – Credit-free
  • Massage Therapy Diploma – Credit-free
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma – Credit-free

Mount Royal College: Requirements

The admission requirements for studying varying courses in this university is the same. Here are its general admission requirement:

“English Language Arts 30-1 – minimum grade 65%

Social Studies 30-1 or Aboriginal Studies – minimum grade 60%”


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