Penn Foster Vs Ashworth College: Which Is Better?

To be honest, choosing the school between Penn Foster and Ashworth College is tricky. These two educational powerhouse have been around for a long time; offering quality education at impeccable tuition charges.

However, which should you go for? Fortunately, this post compare and contrast the two education service providers on key sectors. At the end, you should comfortably be able to make a choice that best suit your academic needs.

Penn Foster Vs Ashworth College: What Are They?

Before comparing Penn Foster and Ashworth College, it is pertinent to do a background check on them to know what they are, their mission, and services they offer. So, let’s go.

What is Penn Foster?

Penn Foster is a private educational institution that is online-based. It gives online courses and instructional exercises. By so doing, scholars who are passionate and qualified can use the chance to get either of associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and undergraduate certificates. 

This online-based educational establishment was established in 1890 hence is a long-standing academic institute. Even so, while many many scholars are wary online education service providers, the case is not the same with Penn Forster.

This school is highly legit and trusted by millions of students across the globe.

What Is Ashworth College?

Ashworth College is a virtual post-secondary education service provider. Also known as a tertiary institution, this school was founded in 1987 and is much new in the education Industry when compared with Penn Foster. 

It offers several online programs and has claimed to graduate over two million classes in its over two decades of existence. It is also regarded as one of the to-go-platform for online learners. 

Moreover, PCDI Canada, Madison School of Healthcare, and James Madison Tall School are affiliated with the school and are rightly approved by standard educational bodies.

Are the Two Schools the Same?

In some ways, Penn Foster and Ashworth Colleges are the same and in others, there are not. Both online education power houses permits their scholars to do credit exchange; this is particularly rare.

Another similar trait between the two schools is that they are well licensed and approved by virtual education authorities. More so, they are online education service providers hence classes are offered on the web and there isn’t a case of physical classes. 

From those points above, one could be constrained to believe that both schools are the similar given that some of their  highlights and qualities are same.

Nevertheless, this assumption holds no strong matter. For sure, they posses similar quality but by and large, there are not the same. Penn Cultivate scholastic calendar seems a bit less demanding than that of Ashworth’s college, though this in particular banks on individual’s field of study. 

Besides, Penn Foster makes exchange of credit less stressful and easy when compared with Ashworth college. More so, the two online school has variations in terms of the tuition charges and installment strategy.  With Penn Foster, you’ll be charged less.

Degree Credibility: Penn Foster

A degree obtained from Penn Foster is exceedingly regarded and credibly acknowledged. The reason for this is because it is authorized by the DEAC and ACE. Moreover, in terms of job prospects, scholars who attended Penn Foster are favoured. 

The reason is because many private and government-run companies have been offering job opportunities to some of Foster’s alumni. Since, the academic education service provideer has been properly certified, issues of job placement is not really a problem after graduation.

Nevertheless, certain private  establishments may incline toward advertising occupations to graduands of the physical schools but cases like this are rare. 

Is Ashworth College legitimate? 

By and large, Ashworth College is very legitimate. This educational service provider is highly recommended for students who are working hence have little or no time to be attending lectures.

This school is authorized by the Distance Education Authorizing Commission briefly abbreviated as DEAC. 

Do Companies Acknowledge Penn Foster Degrees? 

This has to do with the employers’ inclinations and choices. Many hiring companies acknowledge Penn College degrees since they’re attained from a legitimate and accredited academic establishment.

In the other hand, some hiring firms do  ignore Penn Foster’s graduated class. It can be because of the company’s policy of recruiting scholars with online certification.

But in the general sense, a good rate of employers acknowledge Penn Foster degree whereas many ignore them and regard them as same gotten from candidates in community Colleges. 

Is Ashworth College Recognized By Employers? 

Just as it was with Penn Foster, so is it with Ashworth College since both offer the same distance-learning programs. Majority of  companies acknowledge Ashworth College degrees since they’re attained from a legitimate and accredited academic establishment.

Meanwhile, some do not because of factors ranging from the company’s policy of recruiting scholars with online certification to social grading.

Generally, many employers acknowledge this degree whereas many ignore them and regard them as same gotten from candidates in community Colleges

Is there a proctored exam for Penn Foster High School? 

To be able to answer this question effectively, we’ll need to know what a proctored exam is. A proctored exam is an exam overseen and thoroughly checked to deter scholars from cheating. 

This type of examination can be done virtually or in a physical exam condition to examine the genuine capacity of students and decide if they merit to advance to the another scholastic level. 

Scholars of Penn Foster are anticipated to take this exams at the conclusion of each semester. However, in a case of failure, the student in question will be demanded to the exams again. 

But this time around, one need to get back to study materials, examined them more than once, and get prepared for another chance. However, the period for the next exams is thirty days hence there is an urgency to be study hard, smart, and fast.

How does Penn Cultivate track cheating?

Nowadays, cheating is a normal examination hall practice. In the case of Penn Foster, Most scholars can’t halt pondering about the measures put in put by the school to track cheating amid their online exams.

For sure, this online education provider  doesn’t take cheating for granted. To decrease cheating in the examination hall, Penn Cultivate presented a proctored online examination framework that requires scholars to exhibit all their composing gear through their particular Webcam before starting each paper.

Candidates caught with brain support are resticated. The exams are totally recorded through the school’s checking webcam which guarantees everyone’s behaviors amid the exams.

The school’s exam committee would review the recorded film for more clear detail. Also, before exams, scholars are to show their individual IDs to the webcam for fast character verification. 

And the Winner Is…

Penn Foster and Ashworth College are different in many ways. For quality certification, both will do. For cheap tuition, Penn Foster is the clear winner. In terms of recognized degree, any will also do.

Different folks for different stroke but whichever you decide to go with, is a win-win.

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