Phillips Theological Seminary Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements

Philips Theological Seminary acceptance rate, tuition, courses & requirements: the complete guide.

Philip Theological Seminary is a private education service provider that is located in California, United States.

This educational establishment is regarded by many as one of the best theological schools in California and the states at large.

Also, this prestigious American school only offers postgraduate degree programs leading to masters and doctorate degree certification.

Additionally, virtually all the academic fields of discipline offered by this educational establishment is theology-based and has a link with divinity.

Hence, this makes it the right spot for those seeking to study the Bible, start up a ministry, lead a pastoral life amongst others.

Campus life in this religious school is quite different and unique from that of other institutions. Students are taught on how to lookout and support each other throughout the duration of their studies.

Much emphasis is laid on the acquisition of moral skills hence little or no time is given for students to lead a typical scholar’s lifestyle. 

The school enforces all these ethical principles in order to ensure that credible theologians are graduated at the end of their four-year degree program.

To this end, perhaps if you might have heard about the theological school and desired to know about it, then this article is for you.

Read on to discover more information about Philips Theological Seminary acceptance rate, tuition, courses & requirements in subsequent write-up.

Philips Theological Seminary Academic Programs of Study

Phillips Theological Seminary differs from many other religious schools in the United States. 

This American Seminary offers only postgraduate programs of study hence doesn’t have undergraduate academic disciplines leading to bachelor’s degree.

Also, almost all of the institute’s postgraduate offerings are based on theology and divinity. 

Nevertheless, listed below are the Phillips Theological Seminary academic programs of study;

  • Master Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Ministry and Culture (MAMC)
  • Master of Arts in Social Justice (MASJ)
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
  • Center for Ministry and Lay Training – Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

It is important to note that each of the above-mentioned postgraduate course of study are handled by credible theologians who have amass a wealth of experience in the ministry. The programs are also quality certified and ranks among the best theological certifications in the states.

Philips Theological Seminary Tuition and Fees

The affordability of an educational establishment is one of the factors students considers when applying for admission in a school. 

In this aspect, Philips Theological Seminary charges are somewhat expensive. 

To enable students to afford quality theology education at affordable rate, the school has an abundance of financial aid programs that will help them to trim down their study costs.

These financial aid offer comes in forms of seminary tuition assistance, scholarships and fellowships.

However, the scholarship programs are available to a selected postgraduate academic disciplines which are Master Divinity, Master of Arts in Ministry and Culture (MAMC), Master of Arts in Social Justice (MASJ), Master of Theological Studies (MTS), and Doctor of Ministry.

In addition to this, the American theological seminary also aids students through loans. An example is the federal student loans which usually comes unsubsidized.

However, there is a condition for this offer – interested scholars are to complete the FAFSA application which is also known as the federal student aid. 

In addition to this requirement, eligible scholars are to maintain an enrollment status of not less than 6.0 credit hours.

Nevertheless, the tuition fee of Philips Theological Seminary for the current academic year is as follows;

Tuition per semester hour: $480.00

For who? Doctor of Ministry degree students.

Tuition per semester hour: $480.00

For who? Masters degree students.

Tuition per semester hour: $140.00

For who? Graduate Certificate program or Special Student

Student life fee per semester: $125.00

For who? Credit-seeking students. Graduate Certificate program scholars. Special Students

Additionally: Audit per hour charges is $40.00.

Philips Theological Seminary Acceptance Rate 

Philips Theological Seminary like most other religious-based educational establishment is not very easy to get admitted.

The American educational institution has an acceptance rate of 67.1% hence it is somewhat less competitive to enter. Given the mentioned figure, this American theological school is among the top 60 educational establishments with lowest acceptance rate in California.

It’s also necessary to note that one might be denied admission if certain  criteria is not met thus the catch is to ensure that a good academic CV is maintained.

Read on for more details on that…

Admission Requirements 

The Admission requirements of Philips Theological Seminary is relatively easy to meet. 

Unlike most American educational institutions which accept an average “A” high school scholars, this theological school also strongly considers those with “B”.

On top of that, the school also has a relaxed demand for test scores requirements. 

Also, though SAT and ACT scores is compulsory both can be used interchangeably. The school doesn’t have a certain score range for these two but the higher they are the better the admission chances.

Another important factor to consider when planning on becoming a part of this school is the grade point average. This American theological seminary require an Average High School GPA of 3.63 on a scale of 4.0 to stand a chance of getting admitted.

This makes it the 29th school in California with the highest grade point average requirements.

Moreover, coupled with high school grade requirements, the average B+ scholars makes up the majority of student population in the school.

Application Fee

While some schools charges application fee, others do not. This varies from one academic institution to the other but in this case, Philips Theological Seminary is one of the theology schools in the United States that have an application fee. 

This American educational establishment charges $40 for this fee which can be obtained from the admission office.


Being a theologian can be one of the best decisions of a life-time. To become one, you’ll need to attend a good theology school – Philips Theological Seminary is a good example. 

This post deals on the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, courses & requirements

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