The 10 Best Jazz Schools in the US

What are the best jazz schools in the US? Studying music in the united states can come with lot of benefits; with jazz inclusive. 

High qality of education, plenty internship Programs, access to world-class facilities are among these perks. If you’ve decided to pursue your jazz music career in the United States you are on the right track.

But which is the best schools to study jazz in the states? 

1. Juilliard School

Kicking off the list of best jazz schools in the United States is Juilliard School. This educational establishment does well in terms of performance and is regarded as one of New York’s best art schools.

The coursework of the school centres around Dance and Music and jazz Iis exquisitely taught by professional tutors.

Moreover, the school is situated in Central Lincoln – the learning situation can’t easily be adopted. Aside from concentration on jazz the school has deals on classical music.

Additionally, this educational establishment is also a winner of Oscar and Grammy award and is one of the highest producers of music talents in the States.

2. Men’s School of Music

Founded in 1916, the Men’s School of Music is one of New York City’s three leading art schools.  Photo by Jackie Borrell

In addition to Juilliard, New York has two other large conservatories, as well as New York University, which is famous for its music and art programs.  The scope is:

3. Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan school of music sit among the top music schools in the United States. Located in Morning Side Heights, west of New York, near Columbia and Bernard, the educational institution is home to many undergraduates and postgraduates music programs.

The American school has an impressive collection of qualified staff; with some being a part of Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. This ensue quality jazz education but there is a catch –

The Admission is pretty competive and one also has to pass certain standard music test.

4. Mann College and New Music School

The 3rd Conservatory in New York Trilogy offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in classical music, sound and composition jazz at New School in Maine and Greenwich Village in the Upper West Side.  

The new school is a college consortium that includes Parsons.  Founded in 1916, Mains joined the New School Consortium in 1989.  The classical music program includes 314 undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty members include members of the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera, as well as many famous musicians of the time.  

The new school of jazz and modern music offers bachelor’s degrees.       

5. Alma College of Music

Alma college of music is one of the best jazz schools in the United States. This higher educational institution is located in Boston and it has a high performance record; with many top musicians including Howard Shore performing music shows and concert.

The school is also known for its high quality music education and affiliations with many other music establishment in the States.

6. New England Conservatory of Music

The famous Boston Conservatory and its Jordan Hall, founded in 1867, is a national emblem.  750 undergraduate and graduate students perform in five different halls, including the 1013-seat Jordan Hall, dubbed “one of the best performance halls in the world.”  

Half of the members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra are affiliated with the Conservatory. Additionally, this educational establishment also accepts standard applications.

7. Berkeley College of Music

Berkeley College of Music is one of the best jazz schools in the united states. This pretigious Music school is known for its high quality education on music writing, Jazz, Hop, Blues, modern among several others.

This school was established in 1945 and has a growing population of over 4,000 students. One important fact about is its alumni. The music school has graduated many music talents including the like of Quincy Jones. 

Many of the scholars who graduated from the school are Grammy and Oscar award winners and this is made possible through its rigorous curriculum and standard music education.  However, do note that the school may not be a good fit for Classical violinists because of concentration on the modern brand of music.

8. Boston Conservatory of Music

The Boston Conservatory of Music, established the same year in the same city, offers undergraduate and graduate courses in music, musical theater, ballet and other dance and music education.  About a third of its 730 undergraduate students are in music. 

The school also accepts standard applications. 

Additionally, If you travel to music schools in the Boston area, be sure to visit Longi at Bard College, Cambridge.

9. Cleveland Conservatory of Music

Cleveland Conservatory of Music is one of the best jazz schools in the United States. This prominent establishment of higher learning is home to many undergraduates and postgraduates music programs.

The school is affiliated with Cleveland Orchestra; a top music brand with reputation. In short, many of its lectures and tutors obtain their music degrees from the Case Western Reserve University.

Nevertheless, it is a world-class music school which accepts standard applications.

10. Curtis Music Institute

Coming in as the last on the list of best Jazz schools in the US, Curtis Music institute is a reputable music institution. As you can imagine, this Philadelphia Conservatory has a long and close relationship with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  

Curtis, founded in 1924, may be small – with only 165 students – but the school has had a huge impact on the music world.  Her alumni include mainstream orchestras throughout the American Symphony, and she specializes in sound music at Matt, La Scala, and other major operas.


Jazz music can be complicated but getting the education at a reputable music school can make it a lot simpler. This post deals on the 10 Best Jazz Schools in the United States that you can consider for your jazz education.

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