The Best Law Schools In Florida

What are the best law schools in Florida? Florida is one of the best locations in United States to study law. Many of the law schools in the states are known for offering high quality education that meets with the world’s standards.

So, if it is your decision to pursue your dreams of becoming a lawyer in Florida schools, you’ll need to know the reputable educational establishments that can deliver uncompromising law education. 

  1. Florida Levin School of Law

University of Florida (UF) Levin Law School is ranked 31st of all graduate schools in the annual levels with US News and World Report.  UF Law is generally considered to be one of the best free research schools in the country, mainly due to the emphasis on scholarship funding and targeted work.

Moreover, UF Jura regularly has 80 part-time staff, which includes 50 assistant teachers and educators.  The organization has highly skilled staff engaged in the distribution, inspection and support of research studies.

UF law has been established as the best provider of courses between all liberal research schools and the US News and World Report.  The class in 2018 included 248 undergraduate courses.  The average GPA for the 2018 certification was 3.72, while the average LSAT score was 163.

 With a pass rate of 70.9%, UF Law is one of the best graduate schools in Florida.  However, since you are about to submit an application for your law degree at the University of Florida, remember that you are only providing proof during the fall semester.

 According to the university’s ABA Requirements Realization 2018, 75.3% of 2017 graduates got a job within ten months after graduation.  The unemployment rate is 12.7%, which is quite surprising given a large number of confirmations.

  1. Florida State University Law School

Located in Tallahassee, Florida, Florida State University Law School is one of the state legislatures in the state.  The school recently added a 50,000-square-foot state support community comprising five courts.

The institute is ranked 48th among ABA-accredited graduate schools in the country by the US News and World Report (USNWR).  To be accepted at Florida State Law University, you must have at least one LSAT 160 foci before the certification meeting in 2020. The average GPA is 3.63, which is considered important by most graduates.

 With an acceptance rate of 35.9%, you have a chance to be verified when your application is completed.  Interestingly, Florida State University Law School has a law department of 81.1, which is above the standard 67.9% of Florida.

     3. Miami College Law School

The University of Miami Law School, located in Coral Gables, Florida, is listed No. 67 by USNWR and is widely regarded as one of the best driving schools in Florida.  The fund offers some projects from JD to LL.M and randomly guided degrees.

The University also offers international Andres such as International LLM Arbitration and International LLM Law.

 The average GPA for the most recent certification remained at 3.43, with LSAT scores of 159. Students are encouraged to apply, regardless of whether their LSAT scores are slightly lower than average.  Various factors that are weighted down in application processing include individual need, job skills, area management and non-teaching practice.

 A 2018 university survey confirms that 75% of graduates got a job within nine months.  The unemployment rate remains at 13.8, which is used to indicate an incredible level of post-graduate work studies.     

4. Florida School of Law International Law School

Florida School of Law (FIU) is one of the fastest-growing research schools in the United States.  The FIU Law School is listed as the 91st graduate school in the United States with US News and World Reports (USNWR).

Some of the special programs offered by the institute include the Legal Defense Program, Copyright Certificate, Skills and Legal Ethics Board, Internal Law and Comparative Law, among other basic options.

The FIU Law School records incredible knowledge as 87.5% of its examination results pass final legal tests.  It also offers excellent legal facilities such as the Girls’ and Children’s Rights Clinic, the Death Penalty Clinic, the Immigration and Human Rights Clinics, among others.

The average GPA remains 3.64, while the average LSAT 157 is considered.  Becoming a member of the FIU Law School should not be too difficult if you have a good academic record.  Either way, you also need strong personal information to explain how it will add value to the business and the people of Florida as a whole.

5. Stetson University Law School

Stetson University Law School was founded in 1900 and was the leading graduate school in Florida.  It was a man from the United States School of Law Schools that began around 1931 and was listed as the 104th best graduate school in the United States by US News and World Report.

Stetson University Law School is listed among the best in the field of legal composition and temporary assistance in the country.  It gives students a good opportunity to promote their legal profession.  Stetson students reported a pass rate of 72.3%.

The school expects graduates to achieve an average of 155 LSAT, which is considered important by most students.  The university has a high level of recognition as it has identified 45.55% of its graduates.  The average GPA remains 3.36.

In terms of employment, 77.2% of Stetson University graduates received degrees within ten months of graduation.

6. Florida Coastal Law College

Florida Coast Law School was leased in 2002. The school was committed to forming on-the-job training and providing producer over its JD education program.  Some of the wills provided include the Natural Law, the International Relations Act and the Sports Act, among various projects.

Florida Coastal has a satisfactory acceptance rate of 37.8%.  However, this rate has dropped sharply from the previous 4%. The average GPA is 3.14 while the average LSAT is 150.

In terms of, 46.6% of 2017 graduates got regular jobs within the first ten months after graduation.

7. Law School of 7th Thomas University

St. Thomas University, located in Miami Gardens, is one of the driving schools in Florida.  The school was established in 1984 and continues to focus on developing new educational programs and courses to help train today’s lawyers.

St. Thomas University is the flagship school at the time, offering a university degree in security and network strategy.  The education is offered as a web-based package as the university hopes to promote flexible learning.

Also, 54.7% of their 2018 graduates got a job in the first ten months.

     8. Ave Maria Law School

Ave Maria Law School, located in Naples, was established in 1999 to provide in-depth legal education. The foundation is Catholic and aims to combine legal practice with Catholic and social norms.

Ave Maria Law School has a cognitive level of 55.1, which can be described as constructive information for interested graduates. The average LSAT score for the 2020 certification remains at 148. The average GPA is very low and remains at 3.05.

Moreover, the school has access to bars by 53.4%, while 49.4% of graduates have started working in the tenth month since graduation.


Florida is a hotspot for many potential lawyers. It is an ideal place to study law and and this post deals on the best law schools.

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