Top 10 Best BA/MD & BS/MD Programs

What are the top 10 best BA/MD & BS/MD programs? Gaining admission into a medical school is a difficult moment in the life of a potential medical doctor. The stress that comes with it is overwhelming and coupled with the ever-competitive nature of the program most aspirants do give up along the way.

Nevertheless, there are relatively subtle ways to gain admission into a medical school without stressing yourself out. 

There is two-phase of gaining admission into a medical college. The first one is during undergraduate studies while the second is after graduating from high school. Applying for admission into a medical school during undergraduate is much easier and only require one to settle courses, hunt for a letter of recommendation from the faculty, and prepare well for the prestigious MCAT exams.

Meanwhile, doing the same after graduation requires one to gain practical experience before application which can be very challenging. Nonetheless, both phases require effort, time and commitment. 

Hence the favourable route to gain admission into a medical school without much ado is through BA/MD & BS/MD. Though it is super competitive, you’ll have peace of mind that admission is secured – which is a major challenge for most potential doctors. 

This 8-year program is mostly divided into 4 years of undergraduate study and another of medical school. The following are the best colleges for BA/MD & BS/MD;

10. University of Colorado School of Medicine/University of Colorado Denver 

The University of Colorado School of the Medicine/University of Colorado Denver kicks off our list of the top best BA/MD & BS/MD programs.

It offers an 8-year degree in BA/MD & BS/MD which consist of 4 years of undergraduate study and 4 years of medical school.

Also, it’s one of the very best in the state yet highly competitive as only 10 spots are available for all its prospective doctors of all races, gender, tongue, nationality, ethnicity, academic qualifications, and life experiences. 

The university adopts critical learning combined with a blend of cutting edge technology and proper medical research to impact its scholars. It is among the most ranked medical schools in the state and has quite a high educational reputation.

9. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)

Another top school of medicine to make it on our list is the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine – Pittsburgh, PA.

This Institute of learning is known to have one of the best medical laboratories and score high when it comes to practicality. 

The major cons are that getting into the system is very difficult. The reason for this is because intending scholars hoping to gain admission into the college should have a minimum score of 1,490 on their SAT. To top it all, they are required to choose the most rigorous academic coursework and maintain a high-Grade Point Average through their study period. 

Nevertheless, once admission is gotten, one will not need to apply separately for medical program and MCAT exemption is automatic. 

8. Hofstra/Northwell School of Medicine (Uniondale, NY)

Hofstra/Northwell school of medicine is located in Uniondale, New York City. It uses a practical-based study pattern; combining it with rigorous research work to impact its medical students. 

The first four years are used to obtain a BS or BA as the case may be while the remaining four years is used to earn an MD. 

Just like the others on the list, this medical college requires aspiring medical practitioners to maintain a high-Grade Point Average as well as scoring high in SAT – with the minimum score requirement being 1410. Other requirements include the situational judgement-based CASPer examination and ranking among the program’s top 10 scholars.

7. George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Washington, DC)

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences is a top-notch medical college that is located in Washington, D.C. 

This university allows aspiring medical doctors to earn either BA/MD which lasts for 7 years or BS/MD which last for 8 years. While the former is done in collaboration with its Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the latter is allianced with Saint Bonaventure University. 

The catch is that both require its scholars to stay among the top best in the class as well as maintain a good CGP in the long run.

6. Boston University School of Medicine (Boston, MA) 

The Boston University School of Medicine is ranked among the best college in the states in terms of research.

It is one of the oldest and offers a dual degree program including a bachelor of art. Though its admission is competitive, the modernised outlook of its lab and deep clinical practical has stood it out for years.

5. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Cleveland, OH)

The Case Western Reserve University offers 8-year medical program and is among the top 5 schools of medicine worldwide.  

It exempts its students from writing the MCAT and uses the notorious Western Reserve2 (WR2) Curriculum.

4. Baylor College of Medicine (Waco, TX)

Taylor college of Medicine is one of few colleges that offers baccalaureate/MD programs.

It’s very competitive as admission is given only to the six best applicants. Interestingly, the best two students receive a scholarship worth $40,000 while the remaining ones will get that of $12,000.

3. Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine (Providence, RI)

The Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine offer an 8-year program; four for liberal arts and the remaining for medical education.

One of the major highlights of this college is that after graduation, its scholars can proceed to earn PhD or MPH.

2. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (Rochester, NY)

With classic laboratories, intensive research, special advisory access among others, the University of Rochester is the second-best BA-BS/MD degree awarding institute.

Its 8-year program combines the triple pillars of Professional Identity Formation, Collaborative Care, and Technology in Medicine to mould students into world-class medical practitioners.

1. University of Connecticut School of Medicine (Farmington, CT)

The University of Connecticut

Daderot offers an 8 year Special Program in Medicine (with more than 115 majors alone).

Aspirants are required to write the MCAT and once admitted, they are expected to complete community service as well as to conduct clinical research to matriculate alone. Staying beyond matric requires getting high CGP and undergoing long hours of research.


Becoming a medical doctor on all ramifications is not an easy task. The nature of MCAT, SAT and other tests as well as the competitive climate of the program makes it stressful. 

Nevertheless, if you’re fit for it and have the means, the above-mentioned colleges 

offers the top 10 best BA/MD & BS/MD programs.

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