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Which are the top University Logos? A Logo is an important identity of a university. It’s one of the frontiers – it is the part that summarize the value and services offered by an education service provider. 

However, one logo is distinctively different from the other and this is where design and creativity comes to play. Many universities comes with logos that are designed to create a lasting first impression on viewers. This has actually lead some scholars to enroll – so it’s definitely part of a University’s marketing and advertising.

Read on to discover the top university logos…

1. University of Notre Dame

The Crown of the top university logo goes to the University of Notre Dame. This prestigious education service provider has an eye-catching logo that is in the good books of many arts experts. 

The logo has two letters; N and D overlapping each other and the structure is quite simplistic, minimal, and catchy.

2. Harvard University

As one of the top best universities in the world, Harvard University comes second when it comes to quality of logo design. The American educational establishment adopts a kind of logo that focuses on history.

On the University’s logo, motto and symbols are used and the word “veritas,” meaning truth has been part and parcel of it for decades of years. Overall, the layout and design of Harvard University’s logo has been dubbed by many as one of the most creative work of arts ever seen.

3. The State University of New York

The city of New York is a place where arts excels and it is not a surprise for the State University of New York’s logo to come third (3rd) on the list of top university logos. 

The logo is characterized and driven by the word “sunny” which is the chief orchestra of what follows next.

4. American University

One of the most attractive features of logos are colors. In this vain, what makes the logo of American University stand out is the colors it uses. 

The education service provider uses the color adopted in the design of the national flag of United States of America (U.S.A) to rebrand and create something out of it. 

On the logo, the American University is represented by A and U and they are on white. These are followed by colors and designs which makes it to stand out almost perfectly.

5. The University of Texas

The University of Texas is an educational service provider that is located in the United States. This academic establishment uses a logo that strikes fear instead of the one that ushers in feelings of warm and excitement as done by many academic establishments. 

The University of Texas adopts a longhorn bull to illustrate all of their sports teams. It is rated as one of the most exclusive logos as it won’t give one a tough time to identify – all thanks to its vibrant colors and unique structure.  

6. Michigan State University

Michigan State University parades one of the world’s best university logos. This top logo was determined with three values in mind which are world-changing, tenacious, and bold. 

As a result, it is not surprising as the school adopts a Spartan to speak in volumes of what they represent and intend to offer.

7. Yale University

Yale University university has one of the most creative yet simplistic logos. The main point of the logo is driven by the word “Yale” and there is nothing like fancy fonts.

This simple logo stands for transparency and if one looks at it, the design is modest with not many many complications. Yale University is one of the leading academic institutions in the whole world; competing with the likes of Harvard University and Oxford University.

8. Stanford University 

Stanford University is one of the leading academic establishments when it comes to logo design. This top logo adopts a redwood tree which pays respect to the Stanford Community. 

This tells a lot about the relationship between the University and its host community. Moreover, it is one of the few universities in America that adopts this style of logo too!

9. University of Miami

University of Miami is one of the elite universities in the United States. This academic service provider uses the letter U which is something that is rarely adopted; particularly in the current age and dispensation. 

However, this school have somehow created an impressive logo with the letter with the help of elegant styling and gorgeous designs. 

10. Ohio State University

Ohio State University parades one of the most classic logos ever designed for a university. OSU is the short name for the school and the acronym is also included on the school’s logo design. 

The beautiful logo teaches a lesson of how big an impact words arrangement can make on the overall outlook and quality of an art work.

11. Pennsylvania State University

Aside from offering a high quality education, Pennsylvania State University also comes with one of the best logo designs. The American University has a logo that captions the Nittany Lion upon a shield. 

The Nittany Lion is one of the oldest possessions of the school and embodies dignity amongst scholars and the entire faculty of the prestigious academic institution.

12. Angelo State University

Angelo State University has one of the top university logos. The logo design portrays its mascot, the Ram and has the same ideology as Arizona State University. 

Its design is simple but speaks in volumes of the core values of the school. 

13. John Hopkins University 

John Hopkins University is one of the best research schools in the world. The university designed its logo with that on mind; including knowledge and education. 

Many art experts view the design as one of the most elegant and the logo does well to represent what the school stands for.

14. Princeton University 

Princeton University is one of the best educational service providers. This iconic ivy league school is known for its excellent research and is placed high on academic achievements as well as history. 

Moreover, the school uses contracting colours to design a shield; which speaks in-depth about its research prowess. Black and Orange color combination is also used to create a strong visuals to viewers.

There is more to the design than that – the logo encompasses a ribbon which is arranged in letters; translating to “Under God’s power she flourishes.” 

This saying is a testament of how far the academic establishment has journeyed as well as its progress after decades of existence.

15. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is one of the prominent educational establishments in the United States. Based in Orlando, Florida the American school has one of the most weirdest of all logo designs.

The logo of the school centers on a Pegasus which is a winged horse and it represents the strength of the school. All creatures on the logo fits into a circle that is characterized by the yellow and black colors. 

This design is responsible for its exploding visual effects and unique design.

16. Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the best educational service providers in America. The university uses a logo that is characterized by a sleek design but a mere look at it strikes much of academic significance.

The academic service provider is one of the few universities that uses two logos. The first logo is used whenever there is a ceremony while the second one is used on the media for digital advertisement. 

Overall, the design of the two are simplistic and also parades some touch of scholarly emblems.

17. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley is a top academic service provider that is located in the United States. The iconic university has a logo that signifies “a stamp of quality.” 

It is characterized by serif and sans serif fonts which are elegantly designed. A look at the logo tells that it’s also meant for signature use that can be applied to printed materials. 

18. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Coming in last on the list, Massachusetts Institute of Technology shortly known as MIT has one of the best designed logos. It is characterized by a series of long black and red bars that spell out the words.

The charming effects of its grand design makes it looks like a means of laying emphasis on a name in a modernized manner. In short, the logo is widely used by the Institute of Technology on virtually all of its products and services like shirts and printables among others.


Logos are one of the lasting first impressions an academic establishment can have on its potential students. This work of art signifies what a school stands for and services it offers. 

However, all logo designs are not equal – some higher education service provider have beautifully crafted logos designed to create a profound impact as well as tells the viewers what they represent.

This post highlights the top university logos. Hope it helps?

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