University College of The Cariboo Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements

University College of The Cariboo Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements: The complete guide.

University College of the Cariboo is an educational institute that located in Canada. The school is known its high quality education and is among the best schools in the country.

Formerly known as Thompson River University (TRU), the University College of The Cariboo is a public comprehensive university college established by the BC provincial government in 1970. 

The main campus is located in Ganlu City. Kamloops is the latest university in BC. This University College has more than 14,000 students, including 3,000 international students from more than 90 nations and countries. 

These students are carrying out undergraduate courses, graduate courses, college courses, vocational and technical education, vocational certificates, continuing education, and learning in English second language education.

TRU has a total of more than 140 different majors. In addition, there are 55 network remote courses, including general liberal arts, business, computer science, education, social security, nursing science, general science, environmental science, law, tourism management, and Vocational and technical education, the average class capacity of 31 people. 

The materials used in the school are written in accordance with the actual needs of the employment market and the trend of science and technology development, so that students have learned practical knowledge and skills.

The Tru is located in the Canadian National Championships in Jilifa, which is a prosperous place in all kinds of sports events. Tru students can use a variety of world-class sports facilities, such as Tournament Sports Center, Olympic Specific Swimming Center, and FIFA Certification Stadium.

Tru Wolf Pack University High-level Sports Team has more than 250 top players, university league, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, track and field, curling, and swimming. There are more than 900 players to participate in all kinds of school sports leagues.

Academic Programs 

The school has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. It also  some masterics projects belonging to the Nomination of BC provinces. Hence, students have no need of working directly after graduation before applying for immigration.

What’s more? After graduation students can get a job visa, you can accumulate local work experience.

All undergraduate courses provide language courses hence no language scores can be applied for.

In BC province, there are some natural sciences, application science or health science, etc. Master projects, and students do not need to find a job after graduation, they can apply directly to the provincial nomination. 

Nevertheless, here are some of the courses offered by University College of the Cariboo:

  • Business Management
  • English language and culture
  • Computing Science
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Tourism Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Science and Environmental Science

Note that Master of Business Administration is a top course in the school. It’s project is to cultivate managers and leaders who can respond to challenges, make decisions, and emphasize uncertain environment, interpersonal relationships and communication skills, morality and social responsibility, and globalization. 

The course also allows students to master extensive management skills to help students accelerate their career development or create their own careers.

University College of the Cariboo Admission Requirements

To be admitted to University College of the Cariboo here is what you need to know; 

  • Have approved the Diversified Education, present original and copy of the Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education or its equivalent (certification issued by the M.E.P.) or by an institution duly recognized by it, where it clearly indicates the volume, folio and seat of the granting of the degree. If the studies were carried out abroad, the title obtained must be equipped by the Quality Management and Evaluation Directorate.
  • Provide two passport-size photos of the student.
  • Present original and provide a photostatic copy of the student’s identification.
  • Provide a copy of a current Risk Coverage Policy. It must be renewed once its validity is completed and while the student continues his studies at the Institution.
  • Inform the University College of Limón, if it requires any type of Academic Adaptation, at the time of enrollment, for which you must provide the clinical-historical record.
  • Comply with the requirements established for each career.
  • Comply with the regulations, agreements or corresponding treaties if they come from other universities or institutions of higher education, national or foreign, as well as students from Technical Education covered by an articulation agreement signed by the M.E.P. 
  • Comply with the regulatory provisions contained in the Special Agreements.
  • Do note that if the school discovers any falsehood in the information or documentation provided by the admitted student, the admission already granted is canceled. 

Entry Requirements

Here are some of the entry requirements of University College of the Cariboo;

Language Requirements

IELTS 7 points (oral writing is not less than 7 points, listening is not less than 7.5 points, write no less than 6.5 points), or TOEFL 100 points (single item is not less than 20 points)

Academic requirements:

Get a 4-year scientist degree (usually required a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to the same degree in the University, the first two years is 73%, and the statistical entry course is completed in the first five years, the results are C +, and the completion of English 1100 writing course and the results C + (or equivalent);

Alternatively, Completion of care documents (registered nurse preparatory courses) The door core course and the average score of 85 points (5 courses: NURS 3170 on the reflection of caring practice, NURS 3500 health promotion and community development, NURS 3600 nursing research, NURS 4300 nurses affect changes, HLSC 3830 global health)

Registered nurses license (practicing, non-practicing or temporary licenses) holding Canadian or international equivalent qualifications

Do note that admission is given around September and the school charges a tuition of $ 5,216.66 per academic semester excluding other fees.

Conditional Admission: IELTS 5 points or TOEFL can complete Tru language courses, get double admission

4 years of scientist degree.


University College of the Cariboo is one of the best educational establishments in Canada. This school is home to many excellent undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Do you think the school suits your budget and academic needs? Let’s hear from you via the comments section.

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